widevine L3 why??? i did nothing but today I cant see netflix HD suddenly



  • If the fault in question is caused by some update from Sony ofc I blame sony then. And you seem completely ignorant about the fact that almost all support in any company is quite basic. Outsourcing to 3rd party is pretty much what all manufacturers are doing nowadays, the fact that you arent aware of this is quite scary.

    I think apple is the only phone manufacturer that have their own server center, however they are even worse because they will scam you as much as possible, which has been proven by tons of users, articles and even a CBC news investigation.

    As for the whole flashing problem, it's more than likely the service center not understanding how to flash it as even I fixed a widewine issue for a guy who contacted me and send his phone to me (note the device was unlocked). The fact that you thought any type of support is capable lets me question your experience with support lines or centers in general.

    As for your crying about me being above all, you may feel that way simply because I am more experienced than you and know what I'm talking about unlike most people here in the forums spreading the most mentally disabled things.

  • Ofcourse you would do, and companies will get away with poor service because of that. You're buying the whole package, not a module. So, any fault on phone is companies responsibility to fix or handle. If I go to qualcomm and say that they should fix issue with my phone, they'll redirect me to Asus, and ask me to let them talk to them, not me.

    The biggest issue is that ASUS won't acknowledge any of these issues and let their community know they're working on the potential fix. If they did, I think there will be way less random stranded angry threads, knowing the fix is in works.

    Well, you're right, I don't have much experience with support lines or centers. With good devices you rarely have to visit service center. However, I did go to Oneplus service center to replace battery on 7 pro, and guess what, they at least have Oneplus Branding at their service centers, instead of some random ass name. And got my device back within an hour. Where with Asus, they've my device for 7 days now, and yet have to figure out how to flash a certificate.

    You just had to ruin it, didn't you? Up until your last sentence, I really thought you are quite knowledgeable and felt respectful towards your response. I read your other post about heat desipitation on smartphones, and how black crush is an software issue. Those posts built trust and respect.

    You should work on how you express things without belittling others. You may sure have more experience, I never denied that. But your attitude of considering yourself mighty is sad.

    Whatsoever, my anger is not towards you, but management of Asus's after sales service, and how they're handling the issues with the device which are present out of box. The biggest problem with Asus that I have is how they won't acknowledge any of these. Instead of ignoring, they can acknowledge these issues, and try to do better.

    For example, they can take feedback on how the service center experience is less than optimal, and improve it based on the feedback. But, they're not doing it.

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    Hi Swadesh

    2020/12/28 (Mon.) > I had first contacted you for information collecting. After you replied, I mentioned to you that please wait till the local team contact with you.

    2021/01/02 (Sat.) > You told me that you had visited the repair center, before the local office contacted you, and the repair center did not know how to fix. However, the local office was closed for Christmas and New Year holiday and the repair center hadn't gotten the fixing tool from our side on 2nd January.

    2021/01/04 (Mon.) > I immediately apologized to you for further explanation as soon as I entered the office on Monday morning and informed the local office synced the case/solution with the repair center.

    2021/01/05 (Tue.) - 2021/01/06 (Wed.) > The repair center told us that the device showed the error message while performing our repair guide, which we have never encountered before while repair other device, and helped us to collect the related backstage data.

    2021/01/08 (Fri.) > The case had been investigating by the tech team and provided an new repair tool on Friday.

    2021/01/11 (Mon.) > The repair center reported that your device still showed error message while tested with the new tool on the weekends. And the tech team checked on the data this morning once they entered the office, and guided the repair center to replace the motherboard for further testing. I will provide you your repair update via PM once I receive any related information.

    I am sorry if I had caused any misunderstanding during the communication. Please note that our tech team/office only work on weekday while some repair centers remain open on weekends and holiday. If you think there is room for improvement of the process, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    Besides, another user and I already replied on the thread on 8th/9th January that ASUS are currently working on the potential fix via software or firmware update. Thank you.

  • Companies always get away with it wheter you like it or not. Look at the entire PC and Phone market, removing headphone jack, charger in your box and so on. While yes they will send you back to ASUS to get the license back, they will still thank you and write the problem down for the devs, if qualcomm didnt fix the bug, then no matter how many times ASUS reinstalls the license, it will be ruined again and again after an update, which would make the entire thing pointless.

    While true for some users, others just like to cry and moan before reading any sticky. Most issues here are simply caused by phones that have been tampered with thanks to the terrible asian market that want to make a quick buck on reflashed tencent phones.

    Flashing a certificate and replacing a battery are both very different matters. Replacing a battery is simply opening the phone and possibly remove some screws and you done, while flashing a certificate which isnt exacly the norm takes brainpower. They cannot flash the normal way because of warranty problems, they need to leave the bootloader intact. It's like saying 1 car center is better because they change your tires faster than another tries to reprogram your board computer on the car.

    I don't care what you think or how insulted you feel, I'll always be quite blunt about things. If you feel sad because you think i feel "mighy" then that's your problem.

    I understand that your anger is with how the modern world is currently working but this is sadly how it is nowadays. Companies only care about sales, spend tons of money on marketing and the least amount on support. Apple started the trend and always keeps to see how far they can go, while the others simply follow. Look at how samsung doesn't want to sell chargers included anymore, same with xiaomi.

    They cannot take feedback for service centers because depending on region it's vastly different. You see the service center in my region is extremely competent, i had an issue with my first rog3 which had a messed up TFT layer, i got the device replaced in less than 3 days. Depending on region your support will vastly vary, what you should be mad about is how the asian market can get away with the worst scumbag service ever, while selling tencent flashed global rom phones and even have the balls to replace the back of those phones so that users have a hard time detecting that they have been scammed.

    As you can see in this forum, by far the most people with issues are those from the asian market. At this point despite ASUS not being perfect, most of the issues here are casued by scumbags who want to make a quick buck.

  • Dear friends

    If ROG3 Widevine L3 issue remains the same after next FOTA update, please let me know. Thank you.

  • MVMV Level 3

    Are we(who are downgraded) getting an upgrade in drm via OTA?

  • my phone says no new update yet. hope to get it soon.

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    Update: Day 9 since I left my phone at service center to get Widevine issue fixed.

    My phone is now being sent to ASUS HQ from service center. The service center followed instructions from ASUS and tried to flash certificate on it, twice with different failed methods. They then changed hardware component. According to service center representative, "motherboard" was changed, but problem persisted. I don't want my CPU to be changed because I got silicon lottery and it excelled all phones in benchmark, even outperformed other ROG 3's by huge margin. But, I guess I have no say in it.

    So, local service center (which is third party service, not owned by Asus, but contracted by them) followed instructions from ASUS, and it didn't work, or they couldn't get it work because they were incompetent, can't say. Whatever was the case, they're now finally sending it to ASUS HQ.

    Now, it will take another 10-12 working days to get my phone fixed and sent back to my local service center from HQ. Which means at least 15 more days on top of 9 days already spent on troubleshoot and experiments on the device.

    If anyone else has this issue. Don't send your phone to the service center. Wait for OTA update to get it fixed. Unless you want to go without your phone for a month. I made a mistake and thought it will take is a day to a week at most. Don't make same mistake, service center of Asus is not great, request them to send your phone to ASUS HQ instead.

  • Not Received Any Fota Or Anything. It's Literally Not Fixed Yet And Asus Is Planning To Launch Next ROG in February. I Hope They Paid Similar Hurry For After Sales Support As Fast They Release New Phones

  • Same problem for mi rog 3.....

    I live in Nicaragua, There is no Asus Center in my country, I bought the equipment via aliexpress. What can I expect each update damages something and a half repairs another.

  • Kindly Update Regrading This. I'm losing my patience now.

  • Update: After day 18, I finally got my phone back from service center. Widevine issue is fixed.

    So, 18 days to flash widevine certification keybox.

    So, before you guys go to service center, keep in mind that it may take more than 2 weeks to get your device back.

    Black crush issue is still the same. That is the only issue with this phone right. Other than no phone accessories is available on sale in india. I have been waiting for Aero Active Cooler 3 to go on sale ever since I bought this phone, but can't find it in my country.

    This is phone is great at gaming, and probably is the best gaming experience on Android phones, but black crush issue is nightmare.

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    Still have not received any FOTA. Has anyone got it already?

    @Swadesh what is your phone's firmware now?

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    Just an FYI

    Zenfone 7's new ota states "fixed widevine L3 issue" in the changelog

    Hopefully they'll do the same with rog 3's next ota

  • There is no such thing as silicon lottery in SoC's. All phones boost to 3.1ghz on 1 core, no matter how good or bad the silicon is.

  • finally got fota update 131. however widevine is still L3 😟 @Christine_ASUS

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    Hi bro. I faced the same issue. The DRM info app was showing L3. But then I updated the Netflix app & the app was showing widevine as L1. Then, I rechecked the DRM info app & voila, it was L1 there too.

    Thanks ASUS, @Christine_ASUS & the team. :)

  • Got back to L1 after the new FOTA. Thanks Asus team specially to @Christine_ASUS . Just incase it's still L3 for the others, just clear the cache and storage of the Netflix app. Then try again, got mine restored that way. Thanks again!

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