Question: Will Zenfone 6 get the new, gorgeous-looking Zen UI 7 updates?

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Title, please say yes......🤣



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    What was so gorgeous about ZenUI 7 ? 😂

  • Compare to Zen UI 6, it's gorgeous. Believe me🤣

  • It has some features that I've asked almost since Zenfone 6 release about real charging limits instead of weird battery care scheduler. Others also wanted slow charging support. They said they'll take note. And what? A year later and the feature lands straight away in brand new zenfone 7 while we never had any real feature update (only OS). Just tell me that Zenfone 7 can open any app via smart button (great for task scheduling) which was considered too hard on 6. I'm kinda pissed for Asus' software department mess. This is the first reason NOT to buy Zenfone series. Let's take a look at other brands:

    Oneplus (i.e 7/pro) - many oxygenOS updates and improvements like brand new battery management features

    Samsung (not only S/Note series) - regular updates and patches to OneUI, open ecosystem of updated apps which enables even depriciated phones' users to get new functionalities

    Xiaomi (all except low-end) - MIUI is being updated multiple generations on flagships, features also open ecosystem with independent apps that are being updated via Store

    I understand that Asus has definitely smaller smartphone lineup but that shouldn't be an excuse to leave everything as it is on current gen. Good thing we'll at least have 2 major OS updates (not that this is pretty standard to flagship phones, right?)

  • “I'm kinda pissed for Asus' software department mess. ” that makes the two of us.🥴

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    Software decisions has always been frustrating with Asus.

    The true question is :

    Does ZenUI stick to ONE phone (ZenUI 6 for ZF6 only and it stay with that until the end), or for the entire Zenfone line (OxygenOS for OnePlus, iOS ...) ?

  • The asus zenfone 5z got updated from zenui 5 to zenui-6 ,so I think that asus zenfone 6 will get zenui 7.

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    I think Zen UI 7 will come with Android R

  • Whichever features we have asked those features are added in zenui 7 so looking forward for zenui 7 in asus 6z

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    By the way, according to the new consideration* of Asus to its mobile department, we should have ZenUI 7 adapted to Zenfone 6.

    *Requested features integrated, less phones and a proper beta program are a little step to a better smartphone experience.

  • Here's to that it will come with android 11🍺, for all the new and exciting features are sorely needed.

  • Zen ui is world's worst ui. Asus not have good quality developer they just copy.

    Best UI is Oxygen Ui , I used one plus.

    Asus need to learn from one plus for Software and hardware quality.

  • Yes but they are trying zenui 6 is far better and cleaner and now they are adding some new features to zenui 7 and it's nearly stock android but yaa oxygen os is far better but asus also trying

  • Even oxygen os is also not perfect yet and they have also had bugs in their updates so all are still not perfect and I am saying these all things because I have been user of OnePlus

  • Now oxygen os is becoming crap now just coping oneui. Asus are atleast giving clean ui, they will add new features with android 11 update because zenfone 5z got zenui 6 with android 10 update so let's wait and see.

  • Not like that one plus just doing what their customers asking but asus are not doing much great with their ui they are not adding much features like OnePlus. The features which are still missing like data usage in quick settings panel,raise phone to lower the call volume , make ui more friendly to use with one hand, universal search bar which is already available in Samsung's one ui and in OnePlus I.e OnePlus scout, more customisation options, floating window but asus don't try these instead they say more new features then there will be more bugs then why they have their developer team they always find excuses so plz asus do some out of the box things...

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    Must an UI copy others UI in the market ? Doesn't they deserve to have a different vision of smartphone experience ?

    What's the deal to have several phones that gives the same features ?

    ZenUI is now something very simple and I prefer that. I like the evolution since the Zenui of zf2.

    If I need something that OxygenOS does, then I take a OnePlus

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    Adding a couple of handy features to Camera / Launcher / Smart Key / System , Will not blind their so called " Vision "

    also mere adding of these essential functionalities is NOT copying from others (though they can showcase their level of creativity here ), where you can't even get certain features.. like those are present even in a entry/mid level smartphones ! and this is ASUS Premium Smartphone !

    For every new feature we ask if they keep on saying we want users to enjoy Pure/Clean Android, it doesn't looks good... then what's the point of using 855 chipset with fancy spec ? just to play high end games ? , it should be distinct from other smartphones and it should unleash full potential , not providing features/functionalities will NEVER make them special, it's just way of escapism or making customers fool or make customer feel regret about their choice

    Zenfone is just a Spec King definitely , not a SMARTphone !

  • But what if their customers are asking those features even then also they will stick to their vision because customer satisfaction is the main key and it should be the vision.if there are no satisfactory customer then what is use of the vision that you are talking about. We are not asking bloatware we also want simplistic ui but if these features ( which I have already mentioned in the comments) are added then it would become more simplistic to use. We are just asking some features that are really usefull for us that's it we are asking as customer.

  • I do hope they will add things to the existing Zenfone 6 like the software side of the camera & the Smart Key improvements, they did promise us 2 years of major OS upgrades.

    About the other things people have said here: While yes, ZenUI isn't as future rich as other ui's like OxygenOS, I still like it. I've used many phones from many brands and so far ZenUI is my favorite, as it's close to stock & not bloated/slow.

    The point of the 855 chipset is to have flagship level performance for multiple years? & the battery improvements? & other stuff like that. In a sense it's future proofing. IIRC ASUS frequently releases the code of the kernel & allow roots to happen, so I'm sure that even when ASUS stops supporting the Zenfone 6, this device will be able to live on on the new Android without much lag for the coming years.

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