Critical Issues with Rog 3

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Every app

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.



I have purchased Rog 3 phone from Flipkart on 6th of August and got it on 9th. I have been facing some critical issues with the phone. They are: 

1. When I type service number to register it says invalid number. .

2. Display has some issues I think because it is not showing Blacks correctly. Wherever there is black colour it becomes so smudgy and it really not at all good.

3. Main issue is the Audio issue. I am getting a cracking and electrical buzzing sound when listening through headphones. Some times all the audio is lost and I get a very loud and un hearable buzz. I thought there may be a problem with the Type C to 3.5mm jack, so I tried using other dongle but the device says that it does not support the connected audio cable. (It is OnePlus cable).

4. It has issues with camera whenever I start recording a video it is lagging at the beginning of first 2-4 seconds. The front camera is really sharp and is also making skin so soft. Not at all natural. Even with the face beauty turned off. It is not able to stream HD Videos with mobile data too. I hope this would be fixed with a software update

For all the critical issues I have mentioned please tell me what to do I have 3 days more to return the product if I want. But I waited so long for this Phone. I am big fan of Rog products and this phone.

Please reply and suggest me what to do ASAP. 

Thank You.


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    Hi, Thank you buying the all new ROG Phone 3.

    1. We are looking into this, can you help is it on Website or MY ASUS APP? Also, please share a screenshot
    2. Can you share a video for this?
    3. Kindly share the software version you phone is on currently
    4. Please share a video so that we can verify

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    Hii thanks for the reply..

    Audio issue is really critical I can't use the headphones for anything like calls or youtube or music, games....everything..Sometimes all the audio will be gone all of a sudden and Ver Very loud and high pitched Buzz sound comes that I cant bare for even a second.

    It is happening through both the slots.

    Why other type C to 3.5mm convertors are not supported in this Phone ?

    I tried to register on both but was not able to register at tha time but now I tried through My asus and it worked!.

    Software Version : 17.0823.2007.32 Android 10

    Why isn't HD streaming not available Yet ?

    and I think that High contrast issue where the blacks are very smudgy can be rectified with a software issue.

    Can you find me solution for the Critical Audio Problem ASAP I have 2 days left to Return the product.

    Thank You.

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    Actually I have clicked the screen shots where the due to contrast issues, the black were too smudgy.

    But when I have viewed those screenshots in my laptop and in other phone they were good that informs that it's my phone's problem. What's the solution for it ?

  • Just get it replaced while you can. It's so frustrating while waiting for some reply and at the end they will ask you to take it to service center so getting help from here is an option but replacement is better just because you can be sure. Also in the end it could be that service center just denies the service by saying the damage is induced by the user and you are stuck with a broken phone. JUST GET IT REPLACED!

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    But there is no replace option in Flipkart. There is only Refund option. But I Got this phone after a long wait and I am really a big fan of it. What should I do I took it to the nearest Asus service center, But they said they can't check it here and need to send it to a metro city and it takes a lot of time, So I came Back🥺

  • In that case i suggest you to wait for moderator reply because you're right. Getting a refund might make you wait more for getting the phone again. Replacement would be a good option to have here but flipkart doesnt stand for customer satisfaction so... Again you might want a reply from mods before visiting service center.

  • Try a factory reset maybe (back up if you have some important data using the asus local backup option)

    See if it helps

    A guy had some air trigger issue here a reset solved it for him

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    • Display is not showing blacks properly while seeing it on the lowest brightness. Blacks looks like it plays in color inversion mode.

    I am also having same display issue mentioned in this thread in my Rog phone 3, ASUS Please find a solution to the problem ASAP, I have a few days left to return the product. If this is not going to be fixed by software update, then let us know so we can return the product. @Anandu @TITAN @Admin

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    I have done everything I can... including SMMI tests for display, Factory reset etc.. I am left with no other option except to return it.

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    I have seen few people getting the phone completely fine without the Black Crush issue or the Audio issue etc... So I will buy it again and see.

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    @Vinnu... U r right...I have also observed sometimes that Black crush issue, bt I have changed my theme (black to grey) and problem has been solved.

    Sometimes it is also occured when we watch video bt I m sure that it will be definately solved in next update. Just ignore this time. This device is really great and i dnt think Oneplus can even comparable with it.

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