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Hi mods,

I'd like to kindly ask you if there is any chance of our device getting Android 13?? I'm aware of the situation that ASUS never promised such long SW support but when I see other manufacturers doing that I think it would be worth considering that. Devices like OnePlus 8 or Samsung Galaxy S20 are/will be getting Android 13 and they're aprox. 6 months older than ZF7. On our market the price of ZF7 wasn't lower than the price of these 2 competitors.

The thing is that there are not that many other devices without notch/punch hole or whatever is it called and tbh I still like my ZF7 (even though it's missing VoLTE and has other issues). I was using the battery management features you included in the system and because of that my battery life is still decent and I can imagine using my device for another 2 years and that means a lot as previously I used to switch my device once a year or once in two years at maximum.

I don't want to throw my money away buying another device if this one is perfectly fine and other manufacturers are providing SW support for similar devices (date of hitting the market, selling price, tier). Resale value of ASUS phones here is rubbish, I'd easily get at least twice as much for S20 or OP8 here and I'd be much more future proofed with these devices as community is also much bigger there. At XDA there are basically no up to date custom ROMs and even if there were I wouldn't be able to fully use the device because of SafetyNet check.

If there is no Android 13 or regular security patches/updates for the next 2 years I definitely won't buy ASUS phone again.


  • I moved to another phone and have ZF7 as backup. Omnirom released A13 for ZF7 recently. Did anyone try it, how it works with the camera?

    I am choosing between staying on official A12 or to go with Omnirom A13, but if camera sucks on Omnirom, I won't do this.

  • Much as I love the Zenfone 7 (the flip camera is certainly distinctive and unique) I have also moved to the Google Pixel 7, mainly because of the camera, the neat erase feature and 5 years of updates. My beloved Zenfone 7 is now relegated to a backup device. Farewell ASUS 😣

  • ktwktw Level 2

    I loved my ZF7 Pro for its flip camera mechanism and full-screen (no notch/hole punch) experience too. But I also had to move to Pixel 6 Pro earlier this year due to the lack of VoLTE support after T-mobile shut down its 3G network in the states, which really sucks 😒. If that didn't happen, I might stick to my ZF7 Pro for another year or two.

    I hate to tell you, it's unlikely that ZF7 will receive another OS update. ASUS is a large company in its PC/laptop department, but it's small in its phone department and as a player in the phone market -- think of it as one of the small phone manufacturers like MEIZU or sth -- it's lacking the available resources to maintain its phone products. These small phone manufacturers, at their best, would provide 2 years of OS & security updates, and you most likely won't see anything from them beyond that.

    Historically speaking, ASUS has only offered 2 OS updates and a bit more than 2 years of security updates after the phone's release for most of its products. For your reference on a few selections of the previous products from the Zenfone lineup (in comparison to Zenfone 7):

    • Zenfone 3 - released in 2016/5 in Android 6, the latest available OS update to Android 8; final security patch in 2018/9.
    • Zenfone 4 - released in 2017/8 in Android 7, the latest available OS update to Android 9; final security patch in 2019/12.
    • Zenfone 5z - released in 2018/2 in Android 8, the latest available OS update to Android 10; (surprisingly) final security patch in 2021/3.
    • Zenfone 6 - released in 2019/5 in Android 9, the latest available OS update to Android 11; final security patch in 2021/8.
    • Zenfone 7 - released in 2020/8 in Android 10, (current) the latest available OS update to Android 12; (current) latest security patch in 2022/11.

    The ROG phone series is in about the same situation in terms of OS/security updates. Although I hope that ASUS can prove me wrong with the ZF7 series this time, chances are the next OS update on this phone won't happen.

    If you don't care about security patches or the number of OS updates, ASUS phones are actually ok to buy. However, if OS and security updates are one of your primary/major concerns, you would probably want to switch to other larger phone companies like Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, Google, etc. until ASUS promises a longer update schedule for its products 😔.

  • 5Z was the most successful at the time. (Despite Poco F1 also announced later and took some users from us) The beta testing also great so they did extended a bit more. To this day 5z users are still active with active custom rom

    I wonder what ZF8 will gonna be despite it's success but with some hardware issues. We have to wait and see.

  • ktwktw Level 2

    Yeah, 5z was a really solid phone and received very positive reviews in Taiwan 😺. I was just surprised about its extended security patch because, based on the customer service, ver 110 in 2020/11 would be the last update; then I found that they released another ver 123 earlier last year.

    I suspect that ZF8 would be the same as before, with 2 major OS updates and a bit over 2 years of security updates -- ASUS is probably dying to get over with the ZF8 and probably the ZF7 series (🤔) because there have just been quite a lot of reports on hardware/firmware issues, up to a point where they are damaging the positive reputation that ASUS has built up with the 5z & 6 (at least in Taiwan).

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