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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG phone 6
  2. Firmware Version: not sure
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: consistent issue
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Audio Wizard (not sure the version

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I bought this phone because it's the only phone with a quad dac + built in amp and a good system EQ.. I'm a big audiophile with a collection of different audio devices that would make use of this.

Very excited to find that the sound is great, but then when I went to switch between devices (all devices require different EQ settings to sound good to my ear)... I realized there's no way to save different sound profiles.

My Shure se535s need a mid boost + treble cut, my Sennheiser HD650s just need a slight bass boost, and my car's sound system is tuned and needs the raw signal without any manipulation.

To switch between these requires that I manually adjust the eq, and I have had to resort to writing down what the optimal eq settings are for each device and taking a minute before using them to adjust the eq.

I would love to see the ability to save multiple sound profiles (this is super standard with all eq's) or even a bypass switch at least.. so I don't accidentally blow my cars sub when I forget to flatten the eq after using my Shures.


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    I have noticed that the eq is disabled when using the phone's speakers, and is only activated when you connect a device.

    My car's sound system uses and external DAC which connects via USB, so if the eq could stay disabled until I use the headphone jack (just not the USB) then that would be a huge help.

  • You're such a big audiophile that you didnt even notice that there is no ESS Sabre DAC in the Rog6. 🤣

    Also no, the best audiophile phone on the market is probably the xperia series, they have the best tuned DAC on the market, maybe aside from the vivo x80.

    Also the inputfilter on the Rog phone is bias. Even the Rog5 with its quaddac left a sour taste in many audiophiles mouths due to its inability to deliver proper clean sound. This makes sense as the phone is catered towards gamers, not audiophiles.

    Also I am absolutely confused why you would even buy the shure IEM, they are considered one of the worst audiophile grade IEM's on the market, I don't know a single audiophile that doesn't hate them. Also the fact you boost mid centric IEMs even further makes me question your credability as an audiophile.

    As for your request, some have requested similair on the Rog5, never happened, I wouldnt get my hopes up.

  • the HD650s have been on top for almost 15 years, not much to complain about in terms of sound, just the packaging, not even a soft bag.

    On the other hand on the rest of your message, you must confuse with the ROG5 for the DACs and the misunderstanding is total with the SE535, whatever the version they are criarts in the mediums 1.5-4k and frank cut of the treble from 6k then nothing at 10k and you write "My Shure se535s need a mid boost + treble cut", these are horrible headphones for ordinary humans, so for an audiophile!!!!!

  • lol, I thought it was a translation error when I read need for medium boost and treble cut on SE535s so I called one of my perfectly bilingual sons.

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    Guess I'm going to get raked over the coals for considering myself an audiophile! I WAS an audiophile, now I just pretend to since I have hearing damage and pretty bad tinnitus. I've had the HD650s since before I had some hearing dmg.. About 10 years. I tend to boost frequencies that might seem overpowered to some. My GF literally tells me my car's system hurts her ears lol

    I almost always boost mid range because I don't hear them as well, and cut treble to prevent further damage.. since I tend to crank the volume up :)

    Prob why I didn't notice the change in DAC.. whatever's in there now powers my HD650s well enough for me to not notice the difference!

    All this is besides the point, I still want to figure out how to solve the audio wizard problem

    PS, pretty annoyed now about the ROG 6 missing the Sabre DAC. I had it in my v40 and specifically got the ROG for the DAC. I just busted my ROG 5 a couple months ago after it went for a swim and figured might as well upgrade. Didn't even think to confirm if it still had the chip. Now I regret not getting another 5.

    I've been using the THX Onyx I got recently for the most part and I guess I'll be using it full time. Just use the built in jack for podcasts :)

    BTW I realize that I am not hearing the difference, but it's more to preserve the gear. If I am cranking these quality headphones with an underpowered source I'll eventually dmg

  • My GF literally tells me my car's system hurts her ears lol

    That combined with you boosting mids on a mid centric in ear should give you enough reason to not even care about a balanced sound since it's probably horrific as far as "normal" people is concerned.

    Why are you annoyed about the DAC? You clearly had to be told to even realize at this point. You're not an audiophile so why do you even care at this point. You clearly said you were satisfied with the sound for the most part. At this point you're being silly.

    Also I find it very unlikely for the phone to break its dac when you use headphones like the HD 650s.

    As for your issue, just set everything in audiowizard flat and use wavelet for EQ for your other devices, problem solved.

  • The explanation of the hearing problem makes the message even more interrogative.

    The HD650s have treble; it cuts the treble on the SE535, which has none.

    It does not raise the midrange on the HD650 which will need it to correct the hearing loss, but it raises it on the SE535 whereas the peak of the midrange frequencies is their main defect.

    He notes 'I had the HD650s' in a message, either there is an error 560s and 660s exist but 650s tells me nothing, maybe a name for a country or a series that I don't remember.

    The most serious thing is that he is destroying his girlfriend's ears and that he is aggravating this hearing damage, dixit, "fairly serious tinnitus", for the loss of frequencies it is dead but only a long time period of silence can stop tinnitus and it continues to listen at high volume!!!!so it can only get worse

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    FunBike.. interrogative? What do you even mean by that?

    I didn't have high hopes for getting help with the issue I made this account to get help with (how do I make profiles or at least deactivate audio wizard without clearing eq settings) so I'm not too bummed about that.

    What surprises me is that not only have none of the posts acknowledged the purpose of my post, but even after I poked fun at myself and retracted the statement that I'm an audiophile (I do miss having good hearing very much and it is a source of much sadness for me), there seems to be genuine distain for for what I've said about my audio balance choices.

    Why the total lack of respect and helpfulness? Why are you all just mocking me?

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    Reading your comments again it's like you guys don't think I deserve to be helped, and want me to feel ashamed that I even asked.

    You both like to spend your time trolling a gaming phone forum looking for people to be shitty to?

  • I believe what Funbike is trying to say is that your entire post is questionable. Since you boost mids on a mid centric in ear but not on a somewhat balanced over ear.

    The main gripe I have is that you claim to be "a big audiophile" while not even knowing the spec on the Rog6 and obviously not being an audiophile to begin with. Then you complain about the rog6 not having an EES dac even tho you still find the sound to be good while making up a silly excuse like "worried" of the device not being able to drive headphones without killing the dac, which means you're at this point making a scene for no real reason. While some might argue that funbike is poking fun at you, I'm simply pointing out that you're not an audiophile and that you being upset because of the lack of a DAC is silly when you can't even hear the difference.

    Also I answered your topic already. I'll quote it again in bold if that helps:

    As for your issue, just set everything in audiowizard flat and use wavelet for EQ for your other devices, problem solved.

    EQ cannot be disabled, inputfilter cannot be altered, period. People before you have asked and got no response from ASUS.

  • You misunderstand me, there is no mockery or other hurtful remarks (except the mockery on the ROG6 DAC, I posted its absence before the marketing and I even went to listen to it in store to compare it to ROG5 and others)

    It is true that I am not tender with people who have had an ROG5 and who still buy an ROG6 and who come to complain, but hey, that is not the point.

    When I say interrogative, @Danoisblunt partly understood it, I will add that I am wondering about the frequencies and the severity of your hearing loss, what you correct (the frequencies) and the listening volume cannot do only worsen this loss and increase the tinnitus.

    I don't know if you have been to consult an ENT specialist but you should, he will give you an audiogram which indicates the values ​​of the hearing loss at the various frequencies and a treatment for the tinnitus.

    For the equalizer, @Danoisblunt gave you a workaround while waiting for a correction by ASUS but accompanied by a dozen other bugs, there too no mockery, just the sad reality

  • @FunBike31 no idea how the prices are in the uk but i think if its free or cheap then it might be worth a shot for him.

  • Did you forget to post a link? or specify what will be worth it for him?

  • Don't worry about it mate, the two people are one of the most disliked in the forum. So it's understandable that you felt that way.

  • pretty sure a coping user like you are more disliked.

  • Having a few years of experience (from ibm36, Intel 8080, Zilog Z80 to Intel Xeon Scalable & Arm) technology fan, programmer, system and network technician, barcode, former R&D & Support director, technology watch, fan (obviously more now) from ASUS motherboard and Graphics, I registered on Zentalk to help having XXL free time when I bought my ROG5 after evaluating the market, the competition, the +&-, ignoring its fragility because it will never experience a risk of bending.

    2 months later, the firmware updates made me regret my purchase and it got worse and worse

    it is also the beginning of the WIFI blackouts in India and has now spread to all continents, I haven't followed the ZF8 too much but it seems the same.

    The non-recall of ROG5 for an exchange, refund, or a perean solution shows the disdain of asus towards users, in France the expression "Cochon de payers" would fit us like a glove, difficult to keep the meaning in English, can be "that the pig getting fooled and tricked into paying" or "Pig of payers" or "pay and shut up"

    Then came the ROG6 and ZF9, except for Wifi (hardware) the power supply is as fragile as the ROG5, the ROG 6 adds a component that burns the camera (still not seen a reminder), the firmwares are worse and even more unstable .

    The ROG6D Ultimate could have saved the furniture, but that was without taking into account what appears to be internal ASUS sabotage.

    After an Aerocooler 5 as inefficient as it is useless, the AeroCooler 6 deactivates the very cold modes when needed and has no pin other than the power supply, exit HDMI.

    As for the Médiatek 9000, which manages consumption on top, the ultra-durable Asus mode increases consumption, it's to die of laughing or crying, everyone's choice.

    if you want a Smartphone because it bears the name ASUS, like the big mountain bike brands that put suntour XCM and mechanical tektro for double or triple the price of a better equipped but less known mountain bike free a you.

    At my age, I have nothing left to prove, I don't give a damn about your opinion and those who think the same, for others, as far as possible I will continue to help them, although with ASUS it's getting closer more mission impossible than anything else.

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