Asus, a real honest Anwer please!! But why do you still not offer VoLTE Support in Germany??

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RoG Phone 3, or 4, or 5 or any future Asus RoG Device,

I read a lot online that many customers are still unhappy why you still don't offer VoLTE in many european Countries, especially in Germany?? Neither for RoG or Zen Phones.

I like your Phones, but it's been 2 Years after having my first ROG Phone and I would also buy a new one as my next device, but as long as there is no VoLTE in Germany I have to consider to not buy any of your future devices. You loose customers because of it and I can't understand why there hasn't been any further information to plan to implement it or not.

Why do you handle it customer unfriendly in this regions, we really need VoLTE in your devices, especially in european countries.

Please explain, because I see no light in the future of your devices here in Europe if you don't plan to implement it.


  • I was thinking to myself, there aint no way they didnt enable VoLTE. They sell the phone in germany from official ASUS store.

    Turns out they never supported VoLTE in germany on the Rog3, I checked the entire changelog when they mention when adding VoLTE and nada, nothing. No VoLTE support in germany. I don't know if I should cry or laugh at this point.

    Also I doubt ASUS care about your argument or wheter you purchase another phone from ASUS. The marketshare in germany is insignificant. They are way more interested in china, india, singapore and other asian regions, because thats where people purchase the phones in mass.

    So honestly, I think you're hitting your head against a wall here.

  • I think i know the answer... Asus didnt make an agreement with your current telco.. so you wont have volte unless they do so... So i suggest change telco that support rog volte or dump the phone..and never buy asus

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    From what I know no german phone provider has VoLTE support on the Rog3.

    His best bet is to enable VoLTE himself.

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