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Is there an extension cable for the ROG 3 to Mobile Desktop Dock?

Star III
Good Day! I was wondering if there is an extension cable/wire that i can use (Dual USB C) to connect my phone to the Rog Mobile Desktop Dock? I wanted to use the Mobile Desktop Dock vs the Professional Dock as it outputs 2K reso on my Monitor vs 1080 when using the latter. But it the Mobile Desktop Dock does not give me the liberty to clip in a 3rd party phone cooler. it gets hot when playing High graphics games, and the cooler helps with that. The built in fan of the Mobile Desktop Dock is not enough. I tried removing the Shield of A usb C extension and it does not seem to work, or atleast the dock does not recognize the phone.

I also disassembled the whole dock and tried to bring out the dual USb C but the Wire is not long enough. I am thinking of mounting the whole dock on a custom acrylic case, but just maybe anyone here knows where i can find an extension wire/code first.

Rising Star II
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