Network adapter keeps crashing and freezing whole laptop

fodormarek5fodormarek5 Level 1
edited September 11 in VivoBook
  1. System: Windows 10 latest update
  2. Model: M3500QC-OLEDT080T
  3. Frequency of occurrence: ALMOST everytime I download with highspeed


Network adapter: Mediatek MT7921

Detailed description:My PC freezes almost everytime I download for example from steam. Sometimes it goes to 40-50 MB/s and stays there for long time but sometimes it goes to 25-50 MB/s and then everything freezes. Network adapter stops working and restarts itself, then again goes up, freezes everything network adapter dead, restart and again.

I reinstalled network driver few times, didn't help. Tried to use 802.11ac , didn't work. I have no Idea what else to do.


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