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Hi all i pre-order rog phone 6 whit 16ram and 512 storage and becouse i make pre-order i will get AeroActive cooler for free. Also i search a lot information about gaming performance and more correct about temperature in continuous gaming i play only COD mobile at 90 fps settings , apex legends and sometimes mobile legends

So can someone make a screenshots or video of the temperature and FPS in this games at max settings for 20-30 or 40 mintes gaming

Also i will be happy if i see more test of the temperatures in antutu benchmark and some stress tests




  • There are tons of benchmarks out there that show great performance, however there are 2 things you need to understand:

    1.) The performance WILL drop without cooler attached on later updates, simply because ASUS cannot let the phone run without cooler at max performance without shredding them.

    2.) The battery life is extremely poor with cooler attached, the cooler itself with peltier on can draw as much as the entire phone, so effectively youll be halving your battery life.

    3.) Software is still buggy as hell.

  • Before i pre-order rog phone 6 i was whit rog phone 5 but it was very very buggy whit bad performance in the lasts updates

    Also i write this post for gaming tests becouse i dont believe in the gaming performance reviews in youtube ... most of them show us how genshin impact work at 60 fps / 42 C but this is fake becouse that is only 5 minute gameplay and for this reason i can trust more to someone who have this phone and send me real 30 minute gameplay of some game

  • Oh that makes everything easier then. Remember how "great" the Rog5 was on release and got worse over time? Rog 6 will be the same, same cooling design, same problems. The rog 6 is also buggy as hell here you go:

    You want to experience the Rog5 again just with downgraded hardware? then buy Rog6.

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    Hahahaha not bad .... :D only good thing in my country is that if i send my product 3 times to warranty i can take my money back similar thing happened to my rog phone 5 i send it to warranty and they "repair" it for 1 week but when i take the phone it wasn't repair they only change the battery after this i send it again and the phone wasn't ready till day 30 and after 30 days if the product is not repair and back to customer the customer have a choice to get replacement whit new one or take the money back so i take the money and pre-order rog phone 6 whit free AeroActive cooler and if this rog phone get broken 3 times for that 2 years warranty i will take my money back again and buy rog phone 7 if they make it good :D

  • Why give yourself a headache? Just switch to something that isnt a mess. The only way asus is going to finally learn is when people stop buying. If you want the next rog to be good, then talk with your wallet.

  • Yes you are correct about the headache and the emotional damage that i take whit the rog phone for now .... i only dont know why asus dont read all the comments for rog phone 5 and didn't make some different and better from 5 and also i dont know how asus can have one of the best computer parts and best gaming laptops but they cant make a good phone whit correct parts and cooling systems and becouse of this i start to think they make this kind of phones only to make money and dont care a lot for the user's experience

  • I just had to :'D

    But yes, you are correct, the Rog6 is an attempt to see if they can water it down and still get people to buy it. If you buy it, all you're telling ASUS is that you don't care, then why should they?

  • You are very correct in everything but i still think to buy this phone becouse i see some positive things in that

    1 if get broke 3 times in this 2 years warranty i will get my money back

    2 if broke and not repair for 30 days i will get my money back

    3 when get broke i will make a rest from long time gaming everyday

    4 my life is boring and this phone will be my new adventure

    5 i still have hope in asus to solve the most of the software problems not only in rog phone 6 but in rog phone 5 and if is needed they can change the developers or make them work 24/7

    6 in my country i dont have so much options for gaming phone whit 2 years warranty

  • The only benchmark I want to see is if the rog phone 6 will snap in half, like the rog 5?

  • yes it will, you don't need to wait for jerries video for that. You can look at teardown videos and youll see its the same thing in terms of durability.

    Meanwhile Lenovo, duel 2 snapped easily in half, the Y90 (duel3) is a fking brick.

  • Oh dear. I wonder if any rugged cases can properly protect the phone then... I'm surprised I haven't seen much threads/discussion about it here yet

  • The Rog 6 is overall a downgrade, display still same old thing you find on budget phones such as Poco F4, speakers are worse than phones like the Iphone 13 pro max, software is buggy, cooling will only work properly if you have that chunky as hell cooling on the back, battery life for 6000mah is quite meh, downgraded microphones, camera processing hit or miss, the concern about blowing up power IC still there, while ASUS has swapped them out with PM 8350's there is still no guarantee they won't blow up and the list goes on.

    People will still buy the Rog6 because this is sadly what we have evolved to, braindead sheep buying because of brand and nothing else.

    The sales of the Rog6 will ultimatively decide how the next rogs will end up, probably more watered down unimpressive and lazily designed phones. From a business standpoint it also makes sense, if your customers are dumb and will buy regardless what you push out, then you might as well not give a fk and just cheap out.

    The competition has done much better jobs, sadly they suck when it comes to provide software support. Lenovo for instance has made the best gaming smartphone in 2022 by a longshot, sadly software support is going to be rather mediocre and no kernel source available.

  • Mine screenshots

  • Run 3dmark wildlife extreme stresstest (it takes about 20minutes)

  • Something that I noticed, pubg videos on the rog6 are extremely rare. I've seen some pubg videos on youtube saying in the title "rog6" but where rog5 phones in the end. Pubg players seem way more interested in the red magic, since there are tons of videos with pubg on the rm. Other videos claiming they have Rog6 dont show anything such as armory crate etc with mismatched resolution which means they just put it in the title for views.

    In terms of pubg i have found nothing.

    CODM I have only found a handful sources, the best one is this:

    Here it runs a little weird, the game seems to have a lot of microstutters, I'm not sure why. After 2 minutes the game also got more sluggish. When you watch at 0.25 speed youll notice quite easily that around 2 minute mark there seems to be a delay in touch input as well when compared to the start, input lag seems sporadic for some reason. Sadly I couldnt find any video with FPS on, it almost seems like people are hiding the FPS on purpose.

    As for Apex, I found nothing there as well.

    I find it highly suspect that none of the reviewers that reviewed the phone ever used gamegenie to show FPS and cut the gameplay portion.


    Here's Apex legends gameplay with real time info enabled.

  • Thanks a ton, finally a somewhat usable video. It is to short but at least it gives us information. I came to the conclusion that the rog5 and rog6 are both not suited for competitive gaming, the input lag is just way to high for serious competitive gamers.

    Also the framerate is unstable, apex is actually a really easy to run game, but for some reason there are some severe dips in FPS as well. I don't think I've ever seen a phone that dips down to 53fps while running around doing nothing in apex, not even a rp2 with a SD 845 ever dipped below 59fps when doing "nothing".

    What baffles me the most is the fact that it doesnt seem to be caused by low clockspeeds either since the usage is relatively low.

  • This delay is software bug again becouse i also have this problem on my S10 lite when i buy it but after some updates this disappear . For phone performance best test for me is gameplay for 30min minimum or 1 hour and the result must be taken in the wast game for the temperature and fps in this last game

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    For this fps dips i found the way for stable fps on the rog phone 5 but when asus push the last 3 updates they broke the armory crate and the advanced settings .... before they broke it i was locked core 1,2,3,4 to 1.4 ghz 2,3,4 to 1.6 ghz and core 8 was whit free frequency also i notice if i play on 4g or 5g the phone get very very hot but on wifi i didnt have this problem .... call of duty battle royal ot 4g i get 46-47C but on wifi i get mas 42-43 at maximum settings and in the end the biggest phoblems of the phone is BAD SOFTWARE becouse of asus developers !!!!! You can see this in tha latest rog phone 5 software how bad is in gaming

  • Thats wrong, the input lag is caused by the E4 panel. The panel is a consumer panel sold by Samsung that is designed to be power efficient and bright, NOT a gaming panel. As a gaming panel it's vastly inferior to the tienma panels used in other gaming phones. The Inputlag is present on all gaming phones with the E4 panel, this is why nubias red magic is the number 1 choice for all competitive FPS gamers in china, its cheap and has low input lag.

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