ASUS Turkey customer service is disappointing - I thought ASUS was a good brand.

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I bought an ASUS ZenBook 14 UM425IA in November 2021 in Hungary, with a 36-month international warranty. I am now in Turkey until the end of October and 10 days ago the laptop suddenly,without previous warning showed an error message that the SSD card is damaged and has to be replaced. It kept rebooting itself and the BIOS shows that no storage can be found.

I work online so I MUST have a reliable computer. I called the ASUS call center in Istanbul, which can only be reached by leaving a message, and perhaps they will call you back, perhaps not. Someone called me back quite fast the first time, told me how to register the problem and when it was confirmed, I was really happy that according to the local ASUS webpage, the courier will be picking up the laptop from my address the nest day.

This was last week on Wednesday, now it's Monday and no-one has picked up the computer. I called UPS the courier service contracted by ASUS to ask when would the courier be here, and they said I have to register on their site, although I already had a tracking number. ASUS said I don't have to register. So we played this game of "yes you have to register" and "no you don't have to register" for a bit, and then I connected the 2 customer services in an email and asked them to come to an agreement. I'm just a customer with a faulty laptop!

Eventually I registered again on the UPS site, and 2 days later UPS informed me, that they do not come to that address, I have to take my laptop to the closest town. I did immediately, gave them another address, and waited again a full day. In the meantime I left 5 messages to ASUS, begging them to call me back, so that someone would explain what is going on, but no call back. The CS agent wrote an email, that he is following the story with great interest.

I MEAN REALLY????????? This is a 1000 EUR laptop we are talking about, by a global brand that is supposed to be a great brand. How can ASUS afford this kind of service?????? Or contracting this kind of courier service????? Of course no-one picked up my laptop, now there's a 5-day long holiday, so no hope at all for anything to happen for at least a week. There is no place to send a formal complaint to, and there's no-one to call, because even the message system is turned off.

This is a huge disappointment. Before this laptop I had Lenovos, with no problems at all. Is this really the best ASUS can do? I really regretted buying it. Now I'm working on an old Lenovo I was lucky to be able to borrow, but I need to work with my own computer which has a Hungarian keyboard.

How is it possible, that a huge brand like ASUS, has only 2 subsidiaries in a huge country like Turkey? How is it possible that there is no other place to go to, only 2 that are each 900 km from the South of the country? How is it possible that you can only leave messages?

What a shame. I will never buy and ASUS again, even if this is fixed. The whole handling of this problem is shocking.


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