How to clean from a dust place under Screen Pad Plus on my Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED??

kiuzodonokiuzodono Level 1
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Recently I wanted to clean my laptop, but I didn't find any info about how to do that in the user manual.

How can I clean the place under the second screen? it becomes very dusty and I can't find solution to clean underneath

thanx for your time!


  • @kiuzodono

    Unfortunately, you cannot remove this part for cleaning.

    Here are the instructions for cleaning your laptop.

    Or you could consider taking your laptop to our service center for cleaning assistance.

    Thank you.

  • kiuzodonokiuzodono Level 1

    Thnx, but I don't have any ASUS service center near me. For me, this is very strange that ASUS didn't think about it when they construct this design. It`s a great laptop, but wtf?! There must be a way to access that place to clean it. In another way that's just a disappointing thing, because I literally can't clean my Laptop from dust on my own and need to make some "magic moves" or to take the laptop to the service center which is a strange thing, because It becomes dusty pretty quick, you agree?!

    A service center is not a solution for a regular cleaning, any other options? And this is very strange, that you gave me generic "advise" for cleaning laptops with different form-factor instead of the concrete info for a concrete laptop I've asked for.

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