Zenbook UX3402 Sound Broken and Slow boot times

hpadhpad Level 1
  1. Battery or AC: Both...
  2. Model: UX3402ZA OLED
  3. Frequency of occurrence: 100%
  4. Reset OS: Yes
  5. Screenshot or video: N/A

System: UX3402ZA/ Q409ZA-EVO.I5256BL (BestBuy)S========================

Detailed description:

Bought it brand new from BestBuy, Everything worked just fine, Went in and did Windows updates, which updated the BIOS and since then I've lost audio despite trying different drivers etc, There has been no success. Under Device manager I see a Yellow mark next to Intel smart sound technology oed and it says " fw did not send fw ready"

Also on top of this even with a fresh clean install of Windows 11 it takes 1 min and over 1 min from a cold boot. Performance of it is fast once booted just no sound and booting is very slow / glitchy. At times having to turn it off & back on again several times to get it to post.

This seems like a BIOS issue



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