Issue when connecting multiple external monitors to Zenbook Pro Duo laptop

ShaneMShaneM Level 1
  1. System: Windows
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: Zenbook Pro Duo UX582LR
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS: Windows 10 pro
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Hi Asus,

I am trying to connect 3 external monitors to my laptop:

This is my setup:

  • Samsung Odyssey G7 S28AG70 (Source: HDMI 2.1 port)
  • ASUS ZenScreen GO MB16AP (Source: Thunderbold)
  • Samsung S24B300T (Source: usb-c dock with HDMI port)

It will work fine when connecting 2 out of 3 monitors (Samsung Odyssey + one other)

When I connect a third monitor to my laptop, it will just keep refreshing the main screen and gives a black screen every second when trying to register/detect the third monitor.

Do you have any solutions for this issue?


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