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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:ROG 5
  2. Firmware Version:.229
  3. Rooted or not:Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):GAME GENIE PERFORMANCE ISSUE & SCREEN RECORDING CHOPPY

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


ROG 5 BGMI game play like worst.See game performance cpu 1.19ghz only on xmode+ With Aeroactive cooler.What is the hell going on.Its is a brand of asus like a shit !

The problem came up with 2021 June still now they are developing team not find the solution great effort of asus.



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    Stop blame Asus. U got the most powerfull tool in this phone which u obviously dont use and dont even know it exist. Also stop posting cpu clocks cause it dont matter at all and learn how cpu works before posting, it have clusters and diff number of cores on each cluster. Also, each game utilize hardware differently, it can be shit coded engine or just not optimized game for our hardware, etc.

    Use armory crate advanced profiles! Temp limit to max, play with other settings and test which values gives u best performance or just crank all to max and see the diff.

  • Many users affect from this issue.stop supporting asus because I affect alot.i already tried all profile but no improvement.i know cpu how is it works more than you.if your device works good means that's happy but don't involve others problem because more users have same issues like me.

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    Show ur profile screen and footage of gameplay, than we would talk. From posting above u already prove u have no clue how cpu and profile works, so just stop this and prove I am wrong.

  • I don't think this posting the same thing will solve it 😂

  • Let me clarify, I dont like any brands, namings, etc. Out of the box Rog Phone 5 is bad. But anyone can solve any throttle and hardlock cpu and gpu clocks via armory crate. Its a bit tricky cause each game use hw differently, like single core or multicore usage, but everything can be bypassed via armory carate advanced tuning profile. There are a lot of unknown things right there but once u doing some tweaks there and test them u will find best performance and enjoy playing.

  • Show your high profile I will try and send results to you.Dm to me

  • Bro already told you a12 performance you ok for that.i tried your instructions a12 update after a12 only 835 mhz only cpu throttle.after I'm downgrade A11 .229.but this is issue not solved

  • If i tried all profiles bro like

    1.Game tuning

    Level1-level2-level3 with Aeroactive cooler

    2.Hard core tuning with Max high profile With Aeroactive cooler

    3.Advance Profile

    Game not thorttle at locked at maximum 1.56,1.42,1.19ghz

    Before replacement of motherboard random default profile 2.38,2.68,2.84ghz throttle frequency .

  • Obviously you have a very big problem with your Rog5, I have just watched all your videos since December and it is indeed serious.

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do on your Rog 5, it will be the same with any smartphone no matter how powerful it is because it is in your brain and is called "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)"

    In your case, while playing at constant 90 fps you will check the cpu frequency and you will check if there is a maj!!!, or here "Still now heavy frame Drops 90fps posted in December" you complain about 'a drop, 5 fps on the video

    In the first case, the game uses 75% cpu, 45 gpu, there is no reason for it to change cluster

    In the 2nd case, it's a static image, the cpu is almost paused, 90 fps would be a waste of resources and fortunately, the governor treats this correctly.

    Either you posted only very bad examples of videos that are not representative, or you suffer from what I said above.

    Remove Antutu, remove information display in Armory Create and enjoy your games

  • Ok doctor ,thanx for identifying my problem I hope that you also have that same problem like me that's why easily identify me.

  • This is what I told him too. He constantly asks about 90 fps. I mean, if you truly want to experience 90 fps with seamless experience, why not invest on a console or pc? He should have spent his 60 k on a gaming laptop or a assembled desktop.

  • Sorry bro because my phone before motherboard replacement in games look Like a butter game play.After replacement laggy play .screen recorder 90fps video also choppy.Before my phone throttle good randomly but now maximum in any profile 1.42ghz only false show frame rates bro .I know 90fps without lag on high configuration pc.

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    Well you guys clearly doesn't have a clue and seems to be happy with the performance that you are getting and the bugs Asus shove down your throat.

    At least do a proper testing before coming up with such nonsense replies.

    I had downgraded my firmware and the is phone working as it should be and it's performing so much better with everything working. I am very happy with my phone now.

    It has nothing to do with his phone or the hardware. It's their latest updates deliberately downgrading performance and making everything worse but be a sheep and keep defending Asus, I definitely won't even if they give me a million dollar.

    I want to use what I paid for or don't advertise it as a Gaming Phone making these false advertisements and it's people like you that let these companies get away with whatever they want.

    There a lot of improvements after downgrading my firmware.

    1. Full 2.84GHz performance

    2. Better Audio Quality

    3. Faster Fingerprint Reading

    4. Bypass Charging working properly even when I play Genshin Impact on the Highest Settings and battery doesn't start draining unlike in the latest firmwares.

    5. X-Mode, Dynamic, Ultra Durable, Advanced, Game Tuning, Hardcore Tuning and Advanced Hardcore Tuning are all working.

    6. No wallpaper tint.

    I could go on and on with the lists of improvements after downgrading my firmware.

    With .229 Update (X-Mode ON)

    1.30GHz to 1.42GHz below 40C

    And 1.20GHz (1190 MHz) above 40C

    With previous .210 Update (X-Mode On)

    1.42GHz below 40C

    And 1.08GHz above 40C

    With downgraded firmware (X-Mode ON)

    2.84GHz below 45C

    And 2.38GHz above 45C

    I was mostly getting 30 to 40 FPS most of the time with the latest firmware even while exploring and my FPS drops to 10 or 20 FPS in a fight.

    They have started throttling even the Advanced Hardcore Tuning profiles, even if you set everything to Red your CPU will start downclocking to 1.42GHz. This was only affecting Genshin Impact at the time I was testing but now its affecting other games too I think, I can't confirm this as I had already downgraded my firmware and have no plan on updating my firmware.

    I can now play Genshin Impact at 60 FPS on the highest settings with the downgraded firmware except in big fights which could drop my fps to 30 or 40.

  • Thank you bro you only bro life saver

    No one can understand my thoughts...

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    Which firmware are you on right now and how to downgrade

  • SarkiriSarkiri Level 2

    I will dm you but I don't recommend it. Do it at your own risk.

  • @Sarkiri please dm me also and tell me how to downgrade

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    .@sarkarsujeet97.@saraogishivam3@Sarkiri I tried all downgrade version still locked at 1.42ghz only.They install a cheap motherboard on my phone.Screen record video also laggy and choppy .888 processor before motherboard replacement good throttle but after twice replacement it's like a shit.


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    Play with Advanced all set to High, Game Tuning Level 3 or Hardcore Tuning Set to All High. Normal X-Mode will thermal throttle just like like latest firmware unless you have Aero Active Cooler and activate Mode+ which will lock your CPU to 2.38GHz above 45C.

    And I haven't test PUBG / BGMI yet. I'll post a video soon to show the difference.

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