Why is every thread regarding the 3.5 mm jacket closed without a solution has been reached?

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I bought my Zenfone 8 two weeks ago without knowing about the 3.5 mm jacket issue (phone hangs and reboots after 2 minutes with the headphone plugged in.

After searching for a solution, I see a lot of threads with people having the same problem, and every one of those threads is closed without a solution reached.

Why is that? Is ASUS completely ignoring the problem or unable to fix it?

I have tried everything people suggested (make sure that Android 11 was updated with the latest patches, then updated to Android 12), but nothing helps. The freeze and reboot appear approximately after nearly 2 minutes of talk time only when using plugged-in earphones (tried four different brand new ones), and never when using the speakerphone or a Bluetooth headset.

The main reason for (at least for me) buying this phone was for the 3.5 mm jacket. This is sad.

Best regards, Thomas



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