Fingerprint sensor is not working properly.

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After replacing motherboard, my fingerprint sensor is not working fine. It is taking 2-3 tries minimum to unlock the phone . Its so irritating.


  • @jeevankumar Remove your fingerprint and add it again, making sure to follow all the steps carefully.

    You can also add the same finger 2-3 times to try and improve your results.

    Get back to me if the issue is not resolved by performing the steps above.

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    I did the same, it's not as responsive as before. It's soo irritating for me. It's some what better when I add same finger. But it's not quick as before.

    When adding same finger 3 times, its taking 1 or 2 tries to unlock. I had to rest my finger more than 4-5secs to unlock in 1 try and also I had to press hard to achieve it in single attempt.

    When adding only one finger, its taking maximum 3-4 tries to unlock. It's hardly working with one finger print registeration.

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