Can't use Google Pay

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It says that my phone is rooted or altered, which it isn't. It's a brand new phone, installed Android 12 straight away. It's a European version bought via Amazon.

I cleared the Google Pay cache but it didn't help

Seriously, stuff like this doesn't give me much trust in the brand


  • Don't bother answering.

    I'm sending the phone back. The fingerprint scanner is abysmal as well.

    It's a pity because this phone has a lot going for it.

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    Which firmware version are you on?

    Are you update the firmware manually or received by ota?

    So after some research it's look like you are on firmware .81 and GPay somehow not work on some regions yet at the time you posted this issue. Then about a day later GPay should work fine.

    This is because Google need to approve this firmware in order to pass CTS check. Although CTS already passed, for some reason GPay take a few more days to get approved.

    Bad luck for you because you bought a new phone when the new update came in.

  • Fair enough, but these things shouldn't happen with an official, publicly available update.

    If anyone cares..

    Performance: best I've ever used; Screen: very good; Touch response: very good; Software in general: much better than Samsung; Speakers: best in class;

    Fingerprint reader: worst I've ever used, even after registering fingers multiple times; Software: things that don't give one trust (pay issue, no APT details set, etc.)

  • Other OEM also encountered the same problem such as OnePlus due to releasing an update too fast. They have to be careful by testing CTS and GPay first. So the best bet is to wait a few more days before update to the latest version

  • Hi @ycooreman ,

    Are you still experiencing issues with Google Pay on latest firmware 31.1004.0404.81?

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