UX325EA - BIOS (312/308) & WiFi issues

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Not sure what's happening here.

I updated the Bios to 312 a few days after release, everything seemed to be okay.

Today, WiFi stopped working and was showing a yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in Device manager. Uninstalled the device several times and updated the drivers. Nothing worked.

I backed up everything on the Laptop and went to Reset the PC. PC reset, still no Wifi.

I saw on Reddit someone with a ASUS laptop (Different model, the ROG series) say they had issues with WiFI and advised to restore default settings in Bios, if that didn't work, downgrade to the last Bios Revision.

I reset the BIOS to default, restarted. Still no Wifi.

Downloaded the latest BIOS release (308) installed that, rebooted and WiFI was there. Windows then downloaded the latest BIOS version (312) and upon reboot it installed that. Rebooted and for some reason WiFi is still working?

So. Is there an issue with BIOS 312 and Wifi? Will the Wifi randomly drop out again if i leave it on 312? Should i downgrade to 308 again?

Can anyone advise? Has anyone had similar experience?


  • Also. The bios release dates are a mess for the UX325EA.

    312 which is the latest in terms of number revision has a release date of 21/12/21

    308 has a release date of 25/12/21

    307 has a release date of 23/12/21

    What's happening? What's the latest?

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the confusing.

    It is more likely that there is some issue during the first installation of BIOS 312.

    I will record your case and pay attention to any similar feedback.

    And for the release date, it is quite confusing for us too.

    The date is based on the date it passed the verification, it seems like UX325EA BIOS file has been piled up and then the latest one was asked to be verified first so to release first.

    Please judge the order by the version number, the larger number, the newer it is.

    Thank you.

  • The weird thing is, BIOS 307/308 have been around for ages, 307 was July and 308 was October. I'm not sure why the dates have changed on these? It only seems to have affected the BIOS Update(Windows) section. The other BIOS section seems fine?

    I'll check that I am on 312 again, I'm pretty certain I am. I'll then fully reset the PC and look at going through the pain of setting it all up properly!

    I'm not sure what happened here but obviously something wasn't or isn't right.

  • This has happened again.

    Wifi randomly cut off during a Zoom call and it's now showing the 'Error 10' message again in device manager.

    Exactly what had happened before.

    Will try flashing the 307/308 BIOS to see if Wifi is restored. If it is, then there's clearly an issue with 312.

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    So after flashing BIOS 308 and rebooting into Windows 11. Wi-Fi is back up and running.

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    It's auto flashed back to 312 and WiFi is working again now.

    What is happening here?

    Bios Issue? - Windows 11 Issue?


    I've updated the Wifi driver to the latest version from the Intel website to see if this helps at all

    Wifi Driver:

    Bios Version: 312

    I find it strange that someone else on here had also reported the exact same issue i was having, which leaves me to believe this is either a Software or BIOS fault. Here's that someone else

    Talk about frustrating!

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