Is this a Phone issue or a Google Play Store Issue? Can't install the regular Reddit App

Since a clean new installation of the Phone with all updates so far, I wanted to install my Reddit App back, which was also installed before the new clean installation, but Google Play Store tells me, that it can't be downloaded. If I search for the word Reddit, it also shows up directly, but if I click enter after searching it, it also doesn't show up in the suggested App List.

Is this a Phone Issue or a Google Play Store Issue ?

I would love to have my Reddit App back. Do you have the same issue, can anyone try and inform me?


  • BPMBPM Level 2

    I was able to download it just now. Could it be a regional issue? I noticed your screenshot is in German.

    Could it be a ratings issue? At least for me, it shows that Reddit is rated Mature 17+. Not sure what it is in your region, but a possible issue I could think of.

  • Thanks you helped me with some ideas, I just wondered myself, because I already had the App installed before my new clean installation. Now I verified my Google Account with my identity card, and now I could install the App. Google changed something and it's weird that already installed apps with higher ratings still worked before a clean new installation, but not after it, even if Google already knew my age. Everything is ok now :)

  • Hi guys. I have similar issues with this game on my rog phone 2. I have updated my system couple months ago and after the restart, the game was uninstalled. Ever since that day i've tried to install it back but the system wont let me. The game has also an apk version which is also blocked saying that "something went wrong. The app is not installed"

    I have tried so many ways of fixing it, with no results. The last option is factory reset, but i dont wanna lose everything on my phone. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • The solution was very simple. And I also hate how I have to found it out by myself.

    It's an issue where you have installed the app in the past where the app wasn't under a specific adult age in your country ( for me in Germany +18 Years ) and if you reset your phone you will still have the app in your Google Store App but it won't install, because you didn't validate your age in Google ( for example with your personal ID Card ).

    I did validate my age on a Browser and after doing that you can install the App again.

    Stupid behaviour because you already had that app, but no I have no issues anymore to install every +18 App

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    Thank you for the reply. How can i validate my age? I simply logged it into my google account, but i can only update my date of birth. I cannot see an option where i can upload an ID or validate my age somehow.

    Update: i have tried to install an 18+ app and it worked, but i still cant install the game, so it is not related to age restriction.

  • I found the link where you have to upload Pictures from your Personal ID card to google in the past, unfortunatly because I already did it, I can't find the links anymore...but I still know I found them on a Computer Browser on a regular Google Search, I really can't remeber anymore what I searched in Google to find it, sorry :(

    I know it wasn't the most top search post, but I got my confirmation from Google a few minutes later and now I also can watch +18 Content on YouTube too.

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