ZenBook Pro Duo UX582 Freezing

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  1. System: Microsoft Windows 10 PRO 64 Bit 10.0.19043
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: ZenBook Pro Duo UX582LR 303
  4. Frequency of occurrence: 5-10 times a day
  5. Reset OS: Yes, two times but nothing changed
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

If I leave the laptop turned on even with the desktop open, or with word or a TXT file open (no matter what), the laptop freezes and a hard reset with the power button is required to restart it

Everything works fine if you are working with video compressions, playing games or using the laptop at "full load".

I have installed Windows 10 Pro two times on the internal SSD but the problem is the same, laptop freezes randomly when working at low load.

I also installed Windows 10 Pro on an external SSD to check that the Internal SSD the problem is the same, laptop freezes randomly when working at low load.

I tried to change the fan mode preferences from "standard" to "Performance" but the problem is the same, laptop freezes randomly when working at low load.

Bios is up-to-date at : 303 Version

Windows s iup-to-date at : 10.0.19043

Everything is up-to date

In this way it is impossible to work because it is not reliable.

At the time of writing this post, the laptop crashed and I had to rewrite everything.

I guess I will have to send it in for service but I have read many posts of people who have the same problem with the previous UX581 and UX481 series as well and I don't have much hope that the problem can be solved easily.

Any suggestions will be welcome!

Bye, Max



  • Hi Max,

    May I have the driver version of your Intel Graphic card?

    And if you run all of your program with the Nvidia card, does it stop freezing?

    Thank you.

  • As I said, the PC is updated with any software, driver, OS available on 28 December 2021 including Intel Graphics driver (I don't remember the version because I sent ZenBook to Asus service).

    Zenbook works correctly using programs that harness full power such as video compressions and games. In this case it never stopped.

    Zenbook "freezes" only when it is unloaded, simply leaving the desktop open, or browsing the WEB or writing a TXT file. Sometimes it "freezes" even sending it to sleep and when restarting it does not start anymore.

    After months of problems, windows reinstallations and hundreds of tests, I sent ZenBook to Asus assistance because I find it absurd that a computer of this kind, with the price it has, can give all these problems. It is inconceivable for the end user to have to run months of testing to prove a problem like this.

    And I say this knowingly since for over 20 years I have only purchased ASUS products (motherboards, video cards, monitors and smartphones).

    Now I will have to stay another 15/20 days without a computer in the hope that the problem will be solved forever by the assistance center.

    This time I am very disappointed.😤

  • Hi Max,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    And let me know if you need anything.

    Thank you.

  • Which country are you in? If in the UK, you are entitled to a replacement or refund after one failed repair attempt.

  • I'm in Italy.

    My laptop is still at the lab and obviously the technicians don't find the problem.

    I am in contact with them and in the next few days I will understand what their next steps will be.

    However it is bad that users have been reporting this problem across the UX line since 2020 and no one has found the solution...

  • I've had a UX582 for over 6 months, and it runs problem free on Windows 11 Pro.

  • Thanks for your report. You are probably lucky to have a unit that works.

    I bought my UX582 (10th Gen) in June 2021 with Genuine Windows 10 Pro.

    The first 2 months did not give any problems.

    Then it started "freezing" once in a while (1 time a week for example)

    With the SSD 80% full (around 700GB) it would freeze several times.

    In November 2021, it was freezing several times a day.

    I formatted the internal SSD and reinstalled Win 10 Pro but the problem manifested itself 3 days later.

    I bought an external 2TB SSD and installed Windows 10 Pro to boot the PC from the external SSD.

    It was freezing just the same.

    I exclude that it is the SSD.

    I rule it out that it's an overheating issue as the laptop freezes when the CPU and GPU aren't working (or working less).

    These are the links of this forum of other users who have experienced the same problem starting from 2020 on the UX line.



    This is my Reliability Monitor report from after I reinstalled Windows and the day before I sent the laptop for service.

    It is clearly reported HARDWARE ERROR

  • It seems that the problem has been definitively solved.

    The Italian service center has scaled the problem and ASUS Taiwan headquarters have sent a new 305 BIOS which has not yet been officially released.

    Zenbook UX582 no longer freezes which means there was a serious problem in the bios.

    I am happy to have solved the problem but the great regret remains that I lost 3 months with the laptop freezing 10 times a day and 1 month with the laptop in ASUS service.

    4 months without being able to use my new Zenbook and all the lost time Asus hasn't even sent me an apology note or any form of "refund" or gift certificate.

    So remember, if your Zenbook Pro Duo UX582, 581, 482, 481 series also freezes, the problem is in the bios and the 305 BIOS they installed for me has not yet been officially released.

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