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So far, A11 seems 3x better than A10. Am satisfied with this update. I have been seeking such a stable and buttery smooth update from asus for so long since lockdown.

Everything is perfect except for few things. I dont see any option for virus definition update or avast anti virus mentioned anywhere except for the icon " privacy and security "

And there is no option to select multiple contacts, if u want to delete multiple contacts. I had to delete 1 by 1 and thats too much time consuming so i quited it for now.

Also when playing games, the settings are not applied to games from armoury crate, for example i have set Pokémon unite game cpu frequency at 2.4 ghz and when i launch game and check, it shows 825 mhz and keeps fluctuating in between 825 mhz to 2.97 ghz.

Battery backup seems okay then a10 atleast, but a9 battery backup is still the best.

Sensors and airtriggers are working perfectly fine. (atleast for me)

Ram consumption is little high but thats fine as long as it runs smooth.

Google chrome surfing is jittery as it was in a10. Even if i have set refresh rate at 120hz, surfing chrome feels like am at 30 hz.

Finger print animations and charging animation is cool too. I wish if we had more animations for charging and fingerprint.

Thats it. I'll update here if i find any glitches or bugs.

Also a personal request, can u please launch more live wallpapers for rog 2? There are only 4 live wallpapers which respond to X mode.I got an idea but idk if devs will try to make it or not but here's the thing.

Theres an anime character named Itachi from anime "Naruto". The live wallpaper has his face with dark background. And when we turn on Xmode, the sharingan in his eyes circulate and glows and he smiles.??


  • Hello I have the same problem while playing the cpu fluctuates between 826mhz and 2.96ghz. that's why i have fps drops in the game. can someone help?

  • I don't know what games you play, but the game i play are all capped at 60 fps. (dead by daylight, mobile legends, Pokémon unite, asphalt 9) and the fun fact is even at 825 mhz cpu the game runs smooth as butter.

    Idk if the game genie is showing fake cpu frequency or the cpu frequency in armoury crate is just for a show.

    I had this cpu frequency problem in a10 as well but no mod responded except for noticing that glitch.

    Heres the link of it

    Maybe a10 and a11 issues are somehow interrelated. Please respond @ARP_ASUS @gusta_cm

  • hey i play CoD Mobile i notice extreme fps drops from 60fps to 35-40fps for 2-3 seconds during the game. I have already reset the phone to the factory settings and reinstalled the game .. it doesn't get any better. The problem only appeared when I installed a11 before I didn't have the problem mentioned. It is strange when I switch the game to "identical to system settings" the cpu stays at 1.40ghz and I have fewer fps drops

  • hmm strange.

    only mods can help with this.@Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @CH_ASUS please respond.

    Am listing down the problems to be fixed and features to be added for users simplicity.

    1. X mode settings in armoury crate doesnt apply to games.(discussion on it is above)
    2. feature to select and delete multiple contacts.
    3. feature to turn led light to green when battery is charged to the limit set by user. for example if i set charge limit at 80% then when my phone charges to 80% the led should turn green notifing the user that phone is charged. the current led stays at red and i get confused lots of time thinking that my phone is still charging and leaving it for a while.
    4. Virus defination update option in "privacy and security" . Since the option is not there yet, does that mean we dont have an antivirus protection now? bcuz i couldnt find anywhere about avast antivirus being mentioned in privacy and security.
    5. Surfing Chrome is both smooth and jittery sometimes. Idk whats the problem. It runs smooth at interface but jitters on some web links.
    6. Option to create new blank window on homescreen. Also there is an option to change font color at home screen but there isnt any option available to set it for all apps/app drawer
    7. Option to hide "battery saving mode turned on" notification and "charging limit set" notification in notification panel. A small icon on status bar is sufficient to notify user about it.

  • Battery backup is best and UI is soo smooth in A11. Thanks asus for this <3

    Few things can be modified like

    -call screen window is now black by default. It was blue on A10

    -Recording savings folder have been changed to music folder rather than recording folder

    -Default file manager app is too slow now. It takes a lot of time to refresh. It was smooth in A10

  • No mod is even checking out this post, it seems we have to create new post for it.

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