X Mode Settings

SwarajSwaraj Level 3
edited January 4 in ROG Phone 2

Would any mod try to explain to me how the levels in armoury crate works? And if there is really some meaning for setting up cpu frequency or its just for show? I mean seriously when i setup my xmode to level 1 and cpu at 2.4ghz and when i strt the game and check the cpu in game genie, it doesn't show me 2.4ghz freq, its very lower than 1.8 ghz. I.e 875mhz or something. Is this a bug? I tried on various games with different xmode levels and frequencies but still the same issue.

The only thing that works is, if u setup xmode level to level 3 then the game genie shows the correct cpu frequency which is chosen by user i.e if i select 2.4 ghz it displays 2.4ghz or if i chose 1.8ghz , it displays 1.8 ghz . But for level 1 or level 2, it doesn't seem to work properly.


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