Zenfone 8 is flagship brick

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Today morning. I was using my phone for the fb and messenger. Suddenly display is off, buttons no response. When i plugged charger even led is no response. Tried all ways to reboot/reset phone and nothing. Im so angry for this happen. I care for the phone and using it for normally way. Tomorrow I am going to the seller and I would like to return it and buy something that does not break. There is no guarantee that it will not break again after repair, I dont need a phone with which I will run to the service every six months. Shame on you ASUS.


  • Last friday I connected original charger with battery at 8%. I left zenfone unattended and, one hour after, it was bricked. No memory dump. Same behaviour, screen off, buttons no response, connected charger don't show led light. Completely bricked.

    I have the Zenfone from June 26 and I have installed latest OTA.

    Normally, I used steady charging and limitted to 80%.

    Windows detect phone as Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostic 900E, but nothing to do.

    I remember the same issue with Google Nexus 7 manufactured by ASUS. No solution for it.

    Sadly, I buy the Zenfone 8 in Aliexpress from China and I haven't warranty in my country (Spain). I buyed many other brands smartphones from China with any problems. When I discovered Zenfone 8, I thought it was the perfect smarphone for me. I trusted in ASUS as a qualiy brand. Now, I know I was wrong.

    Even if Zenfone 8 could be repaired, there is no guarantee of bricking again.

    ASUS must solve this problem and assume costs for every user, regardless where has purchased.

    (Similar to Nvidia with his Shield tablets, when a problem with the battery caused Nvidia to replace all tablets affected by a new one)

    I hope ASUS solve this issue as soon as possible and users can trust in ASUS as a top brand.

  • Yeah, it would be nice if ASUS take official position when phones suddenly bricked or ramdump issues happens and this is not a simple case. It would be nice when FLAGSHIP device costs 800 dollars wont be bricked after 6 moths of normal use. This is my first device from this brand and I'm really dissappointed.

  • Until now, there is no solution from ASUS for those who bought a phone on Ebay and Aliexpress from Chinese sellers. When I bought on Aliexpress, I could not even think that a device from such a large brand could be with such a defect. Before that, I had more than 10 android devices and none of them died like that. I almost do not hope that the asus will do the right thing, because about 4 months have passed since the first cases, I am simply outraged by this position of the company. It is interesting to what extent the company's management is aware of the scale of the problem.

  • I bought from polish (euro) distrubution in my city. It looks like I can't return the phone and have my money back, I must send it back for service. I hope that the phone will be repaired and this will not happen again, now I'll see what worth is Asus service. I hope they will try at least here.

  • Mine died in a very similar manner. Was setting an alarm when the screen just went black and the phone became unresponsive. Did you have any issues with the repair center? (Mine died on the 13th of Nov). Just that mine isbt even recognized when plugged in to the PC

  • Today phone will be delivered to service, will see whats next...

  • Hi @grzegorz.marucha

    I'm sorry to hear about your device. Please check your inbox here on Zentalk for a PM from me

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