Phone shut down at 20% battery charge

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 5 Ultimate
  2. Firmware Version:18.0840.2109.176
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Two times thus far
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Might be related to the latest firmware?

So last week my phone shut down all of a sudden when it still had 20% battery charge in it.

Upon pressing the power button it did not sprung back to life but did recover once i placed the charger in, indicating that my battery was at 0% which was odd since it was at 20% a few seconds prior.

I've been using the battery care features, with ultra steady and 80% charge limit selected after the first initial 100% charge.

Just now it happened again, where once at 20% the phone simply shut down and indicated that I had 0% charge left in it.

I have attached a screenshot that shows the dip, and am going to charge it to 100% and see if that improves things but wanted to ask if anyone else bumped into this issue and happens to have a solution.

Unless this is related to the current firmware and the upcoming one will take care of the issue.



  • This is the only correction of Firmware .188, the charging system, checks from time to time if it is available for you, several users have already had it.

    Since your Rog 5 turns off at 20%, charge the battery well and leave it on the charger during the update. Repeat a battery calibration following.

  • did the problem persist after the final post?

    since now after leaving it to charge it won't go past 99%, which is also mentioned in your previous thread.

    from reading it would seem that it's also connected to the stock charger they give you out of the box?

    searched up that Electron app on the playstore and found 2 of them but don't know which one to go with but do have Accubattery installed and it shows both batteries.

  • Ok, so after having it die again at 20% I left the charger in for another hour after it kept staying at 99% and sure enough the led light finally turned green and now it's saying it's at 100%.

    Still not sure if the battery is fully calibrated nor if there's any trick I need to perform other than letting it go to 100% without turning the phone on, then letting it die and repeating the process in the hopes that it finally displays the right amount of charge.

  • Updated #2:

    After playing some games it now seems to go down normally and managed to reach 3% with the low battery pop-up showing up then finally shutting down after it went under 1%.

    It's now charged at 100% but will keep it like that for one more hour in order to see if it then goes down properly before setting the charge limit back to 80%.

    The situation seems to have been resolved.

  • Good to hear that it works for u 👍

    But mine have the same issue repeating again once every two to three weeks. I have been recalibrating the battery for third time already since I bought this phone for 11weeks. Not sure the latest firmware.188 helping?

    As suggested by funbike: not to use the original charger (20V) might burn the phone, I take the advice n use QC 2 charger now.

    No app can accurately tell the capacity of battery; if you have 5600+mAh for capacity shown in electron then it should be ok since another user n mine have the same reading (but mine reduce to 5400+mAh after third time calibration) Hope this helpful for your reference

  • I see, thanks for the heads up. Regarding the battery capacity thingy, I installed Aida64 since that app contains a boatload of useful information and sure enough the battery is sitting at around 5600, which imo is ok as I don't really think it's 6000 to begin with due to the"reported by android" line.

    I think it's just like with HDD space,where it's never the reported number cause the system is using it for something else.

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