Phone shutdown @battery just below 20%

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  1. Model Name: rog phone 5
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  4. Frequency of Occurrence: everytime after the only first time I saw it works at battery 9%
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Is it normal for my rog 5 shutdown at battery level about just below 20%?

I saw my phone once works under 10% n it shows a red light notification when it reach 9%, after that I charge my phone everytime before it shutdown.

But recently my rog 5 shutdown at the middle I watch YouTube at battery level somewhere below 20% (everytime in last few days). I thought the battery might drained up coz by watching YouTube; but just now at the middle of replying zentalk my rog 5 shutdown again at battery level somewhere below 20% as well. Is this normal? It seems like I can only occupy the battery between 80-20% only? Thanks

My setting is dynamic n auto for refresh rate.

Ps: pls do not ask me to generate the log as I'm not well versed in tech stuff n I hv no time for it.



  • You could try to re-calibtrate your battery.

    However it's kinda strange to ask for help but "refuse" to answer questions / provide more info from the very beginning 😅

    So I guess since you have "no time" to deal with it or fix it you can just return it to the service center.

  • @ZT-6ba223c6

    May I know how to recalibrate the battery?

    Fyi, I'm not refuse to answer questions but my experience with Asus moderator is that they will just ask me to send log every single time I post a issue (as if all issue need to generate a log n that's the only way Asus to investigate my issue, that's what I felt for Asus support). Instead I got better help from other user in zentalk rather than Asus support n got one of my previous issue solved with several discussion with the user without a log. That ps in my previous statement meant for Asus support. I stated no time coz I'm not well versed in technical stuff in phone n it took me hours to generate the log. Asus mod will know when they read my post.

    For further info I charge up to 80% everytime for battery care n the battery drained straight away to 0% n shutdown from somewhere just below 20%. Thanks

  • Hi @k_huat,

    Regarding how to calibrate your battery if device turns of before reaching 0% you can do as following:

    Step1: go to "Settings" > "Battery" > "Battery Care"> "Select charging limit"> "Move bar to 100%"

    Step2:Plug in AC charger to charge battery to 100%

    Step3:Normal use until capacity of battery decrease to 0%

    Step4:Do Step 2 again to charge battery to 100 %

  • Since it seems to go out before 0%, I'll add to wait a few minutes after it goes out and try to turn it back on. if it does not want to turn on, plug in and charge but if it turns on again, wait for it to turn off again, start over if necessary.

    In the latter case, if it is turned back on with 10% or more battery power when it was off long before it was 0%, this is not a good sign for the battery.

  • @FunBike31

    Thanks for the info. I tried to turn it on but it stay off, luckily. Now I get it fully charged n see if it turn off again before 0%

  • @Irene2_ASUS


    After I got it charged to full (99%) n now it shutdown again at +/-20%. 

    Fyi, I can't get it charge until 100%, it will stay at 99% (I waited 10min), is this normal? From 0-99% it takes around 30min+ but it will stay at 99% only. I scared it would damage the phone so I decided to stop charging it after waited 10min at 99%; or should I waited until 100%?

    Now again I'll see if it shutdown again at +/-20%, n will ask for help if this happen again. Thanks

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Try turning off battery care completely and let it shut down by itself.

    Keep turning it on and leave the phone on so it completely drained of battery juice.

    Once it is completely off and doesn't turn on, leave it charging to 100%.

  • @ronald1985

    Thanks for your advice. Fyi, once it shutdown at +/-20% it won't turn on again.

    Yesterday I charge it to only 99% (and keep changing for 10min still remain 99%), n after that it can last for 4hours before it drop to 98%. Is this normal? Normally my consumption of battery is +/-5% an hour, too good to be true it can last for so many hours at 99%?

    I'll try charging it to 100% next round. Thanks.

  • You do not indicate the color of the led when it is at 99% (green, red?)

    99% is not too much of a concern, I don't think it will show 100% by leaving it on any longer. it is possible that there is a problem with the statistics and battery data.

    it should display 100% and green led about 15min before the real 100% charge, this is normal, it protects the battery if the user unplug the charger as soon as the led is green, the real charge is 95% -96% . it looks like you have a 95% max load slider. The remaining 300mA charges 400mA, decreasing to 0. (avoid doing this). The% indicated by Android will only go down when you have used these ~ 300mA, so it can stay at 100% for several hours if it is on standby.

    Normally, android clears the battery stats after 100% charge, if the device continues to indicate 99% you can try the ADB command from a pc.

    adb shell dumpsys batterystats --reset

    When your device turns off and does not turn on again, plug in your 30s charger and look at the%, if it goes up between 10% and 20% there is a good chance that your battery is a problem, it is the symptom of 'a battery that is 2-4 years old after use.

    To be confirmed after having redone the calibration

  • Thanks for your reply. It remains red led at 99%. And when I charge it again after shutdown it shows charging start from 0%. Sorry what is 30s charger? I'm using the provided

    Yesterday I notice it shutdown at 17%. I try charging it to only 12% n start using n it, n this time I can use it n see a red blinking led at 9% but shutdown below 8% (should be 7or6%).

  • Sorry accidentally clicked post before finish typing just now.

    Thanks for your reply. It remains red led at 99%. And when I charge it again after shutdown it shows charging start from 0%. Sorry what is 30s charger? I'm using the provided 65w charger.

    What should I do now? And can u explain in details how to reset with adb command. Sorry I'm not very good in phone technical stuff.

    Yesterday I try charging it to only 12% n start using n it, n this time I can use it n see a red blinking led at 9% but shutdown below 8% (should be 7or6%). And second time I charge it to 32% n I notice it shutdown at 17%. Thanks

  • désolé pour , "30 s", j'ai abrégé, 30 secondes, ce n'est pas un modèle de chargeur mais le temps.

    Si vous n'avez pas d'autre chargeur, configurer la charge ultra lente, sinon, utiliser un chargeur 2A standard, la charge sera plus lente mais beaucoup plus sûre pour la durée de vie de la batterie.

    Pour l'instant, j'essaie de trouver de la documentation sur le type de charge QC5 et le 20 vols du chargeur du rog5 pour voir l'impact sur la durée de vie de la batterie.

    Il semble qu'il y est 4 éléments, séparé en 2 modules de 3000 mHa, en LiPo HS, soit 3.8v*4, cela fait 15.2 volts maxi en théorie avant d'être très dangereux pour la batterie, 20 vols est absolument énorme, le rog 5 demande d'ailleurs moins, entre 16 et 17, mais c'est encore beaucoup.

  • Thanks for replying. Sorry I don't understand french, but I use Google translate n hope don't get u wrong for what u written.

    I'll get a old model 2A charger for the time being. Thanks

  • After I google n study to generate the adb battery command, below is the result. Seems like it is not so good for charge counter only left with 2748mAh? Only after a month I bought this rog 5..

  • @FunBike31

    Here is my further study of the battery with adb command

    Photo 1 shows battery of 2748mAh at 71%;

    Then I charge it to n unplug charge once it reach 99% I got 3802mAh, in photo 2

    Then I further charge another 3minutes n still remain 99% but charge counter shoot up to 5400mAh, in photo 3

    I try to further charge another 2minutes, battery remain 99% n charge counter shows 5398mAh, in photo 4

    Further charge again for 3minutes n results remain the same, 5398mAh with 99%, in photo 5

    So seems like my battery maximum capacity is actually only 5400mAh (instead of 6000mAh), for a one month newly bought phone? Will this help to explain why my phone shutdown everytime at battery between 24%~17% ? Kindly help to analyse. Thanks

  • Oops, sorry, I thought I posted in English :(

    You did very well with ADB :)

    We don't worry about it yet, Android sometimes has strange stats on statistics according to usage and APIs do not yet know battery 1 and 2, the result is dependent on the OEM layer,

    You will see if there is a significant problem on the battery with the time of use, on average it should be 5-6h in games, 8h and + with other uses.

    program the slow charge, set the cursor to 100

    reset the battery stats ADB

    a) use it until it goes out without the charger and without putting it back on

    b) leave it to charge until the green light +15/20 minutes without using it

    c) disconnect the charger and start again in (a)

    The battery is now calibrated

    - You can buy a QC2 or QC3 compatible charger

    Do not buy a QC4, QC4 + or QC5 charger, it will duplicate the original one for the Rog5.

    Here are two links for ADB commands

  • Thanks so much. I'm able to charge it to full 100% after 1hr 45min with the charger shown. Will try n see now if it works normally.

  • Finally I'm able to use up full 100% battery down to 0%. Thanks all 🙏

    Awaiting for your updates on the study of charger @FunBike31

  • I found a app from playstore namely electron which can help to show the battery capacity without using the adb command. I tried it n the data shows exactly the same in adb command. Worth a try.

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