Any new update?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus 6z
  2. Firmware Version: .156
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Any new update coming this month already it's been 2 months june security patch is too old @Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS



  • It's been 3 months because the last update was released on August first week.

  • @Anders_ASUS any news on upcoming updates for the device?

  • None of the moderators are replying....... Strange

  • Atleast let us know how are you going to support this model and what's going on currently.

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS

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    I think that's it for us🥲

  • Indeed, we are just being ignored by moderators. Would be good to receive information if Asus 6 reached end of support. It is really a shame that a quite decent phone becomes obsolete after 3 years. This was the Asus premium model.

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    Indeed, it becomes obsolete after only 2.5 years. In addition, the promise of regular security patches in the 3rd year after releasee {every 2 months} is not being upheld by ASUS.

    What a shame.

  • That's why Asus phone is still minor. OnePlus starts late then Asus but now it is very successful. They provide better service and more stable ROM. Also they are very supportive to 3rd party ROM. You can unlock and lock bootloader easier and doesn't lose the warranty. That's why they are getting bigger.

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    I will be more than happy if only the made promises by ASUS (regular security patches in the 3rd yr) are being kept. Unfortunately, that's not the case for the time being.

    Possibly I'll sacrifice the external SD storage / 3.5mm audio interface and select a Pixel phone as successor as soon as required.

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    One plus 6 received November patch which was launched along with Zenfone 5z back in 2018 but Zenfone 6 released on 2019 but still stucked on June security patch :(

    Even Rog 2 has latest patch which was launched with Zenfone 6 in 2019.

    Atleast provide security updates rather than neglecting the device completely.

    Waiting for a reply from Asus.....

  • @Debasish Sahoo OnePlus 7 also received Android 12 soon never buy Asus any product now I'm very regret to choosing Asus 6z rather then OnePlus 7 Asus don't even care about they even don't provide wifi calling in Airtel which we ask 2 year ago when the phone is released don't buy anything from Asus again in future 3rd class company which don't provide anything only bug in new update @Laura_ASUS @chaithanya.gchaithanya.g

  • Meanwhile it's a huge understatement to say, that I'm utterly disappointed by the outstanding security patches and maintenance from ASUS for the Z6.

    At least, it is an excellent case study for a completely failed customer care, communication and retention!

  • I was using Zenfone 5z earlier then shifted to Zenfone 6 and I was happy with the support that Zenfone 5z got until the last update that was released on March 2021(Last update of Zenfone 5z) sadly that last update contains January security patch. Like seriously? Asus stopped the update for Zenfone 5z with an outdated security patch and Zenfone 5z is their flagship series.

    Zenfone 5z got support for almost 3 years but what about Zenfone 6? Same series but different policies?

    They should atleast release the bi- monthly security updates for their old flagship lineup.

    This is not the way a premium segment phone should be treated.

    I am using Asus phones since 5 years but now I am disappointed with the software updates. Hardware is excellent in Asus but in terms of software they are way behind the other competitors.

    I agree that Asus released their Major os updates earlier than other brands but what about the security updates and bug fixes?

    Asus need to support more for their flagship series (atleast provide security updates).

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