Battery Decrease While Charging

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I'm using ROG 5. Last night i want to charge my phone but its not increasing but turn out the battery decreasing. I'm using original charger. Try to restart for several times. Turn off. Turn on the phone. And now my battery is 7%. Still can't charging. The battery icon and light shows that my phone charging but its still

decrease! Help me. I'm using this phone for 3 month only. And my battery health is GOOD.


  • I think this is a factory defect. But luckily you use ASUS products. They will fix it soon, on next year's, on ROG 6 series. I will tell you when the ROG 6 is out, so you can have it right away, and solve your battery problem.

  • Hi @atiqahviolet ,

    1. Did you try the side port too to see if you get the same problem?
    2. If that didn't help, Could you try to charge the device with a different charger? Also try side port too.
    3. If the issue persist after trying different a different charger I would recommend you to visit your local ASUS Service Center to get the device check.

  • If it is not too late, remove the X mode, switch fps to auto and ultra durable mode, this may allow you to test some solutions before it is zero

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