ringtone not playing on bluetooth

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i connected my bluetooth headphones Airpod pro with the phone but i cannot hear the ringtone over BT.



  • please answer to the thread

  • Hi @theblackman2010,

    Kindly provide more detail about your issue so that we can better assist you.

    1. Are you on the latest firmware?
    2. Does it work properly with a different pair of Bluetooth earphones?
    3. Does the issue remain the same after disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth?
    4. Are you using the call stock app or a 3rd party app?

  • ringtone is played through phone speaker instead BT accesories

    1 ww_30.12.82.21 (latest)

    2 no

    3 yes

    4 i tried both but same results.

    Firmware is missing bluetooth in-band option support or HFP protocol support or there is a bug with both. i can reproduce media audio but not ringtone audio through bluetooth. No sound is heard on BT headphones while i receive a call.

    Also caller ID announcement option is missing on dialer app

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  • Hi @theblackman2010 ,

    Check you inbox for a PM from me with further instructions so that we can take a closer look ;)

  • Hi @theblackman2010 ,

    We issued a fix on latest update on A12, let me know if you still encounter this problem after updating it ;)

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