Budget 15.6" Laptops With Glossy Display Panels (Please Suggest)

deewincdeewinc Level 1
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Back in the days, it would be easy to find budget laptops with glossy display panels. Asus had an incredible lineup in the Vivobook series. In fact, I have used the Asus V500CA since 2014 and I loved the design and the glossy panel made the laptop look beautiful.

Right now, I can't find a 15.6" laptop with a glossy display panel under $900. Asus seems to have even ditched glossy panels altogether. The ones that I can find are Dell Inspiron 7000 series range and Dell XPS that are way out of my budget $500 ~ $600.

The only option I'm left with is to gamble with Chinese brands like Teclast that have serious quality issues. But they do have a huge lineup of budget 15.6" laptops with glossy display panels.

Are there any suggestions that you may have for me from Asus? 15.6" please.


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