Make a smaller phone, like the iPhone 12 mini

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Recently, my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact broke and I had to pick a new phone. Zenfone 8 and Pixel were the only powerful phones under 15 cm. And, of course, the iPhone. I seriously considered switching from Android to ios so I don't have to carry around stupidly huge, dual-wield phone. I ended up with Zenfone, which is usable for me, but still way too big.

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    And what do you prefer - slow CPU or battery, which will last 2 hours of active screen time? 😀

    Anyway, ASUS won't even consider this, read rules of this subforum

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    Zenfone 8 hits the perfect spot between a normal and compact factor

    Smaller than that would make the device audience more niche plus they'll need to cut out crucial specs like battery

    Asus in Zenfone 8 fit everything they could the heaphone jack, notification led,4000 mah battery that won't be possible in a more "compact" device

    The iPhone mini variants do face a lot of flak for being "too small" and battery being below avg though

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