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My biggest achievement: I converted a crappy IPHONE user to Zenfone :D

Star II
You can see in one of my other posts I used to have a Zenfone 6 Edition 30, and that phone was a masterpiece, in my opinion. But I really wanted to see what the Zenfone 7 could do, so I sold my Zenfone 6 Edition 30 on to my friend. What do you think happened? Did it "die after 3 months" like you see people on forums claiming? Not quite - he's STILL rocking the Zenfone 6 E30 nearly what - 2 years later?! And he LOVES the thing. He hasn't even bothered to BUY an SD card for it - he's not a gamer on a phone so he's not going to fill 512GB internal memory in a hurry. He has reported no issues whatsoever - other than charging - which likely is more down to his rough treatment of his chargers - because when he uses my Razer Quickcharge 4 for it, it charges perfectly.
My friend came from iPhone after iPhone after iPhone. I used to laugh at how he couldn't even make it through half a day, no matter which iPhone he had 'upgraded' to. I asked him the other day if he's sticking with Zenfone and his response was "I ain't NEVER goin' back!!"
Mission accomplished, compadres. 😎
Oh and let this be a record for all those so quick to tell you "ASUS can't make a phone that lasts more than a year". 😏