Are there people without ramdump?

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today i've bought my new zenfone 8, i was leaving a xiaomi mi 10 because of proximity sensor problems and miui instability.

read lots of reviews about zenfone 8 and all were enthusiasts... today after buying it i found a first post about ramdump, since today afternoon i've read lots of posts....

i've seen my phone is 04/21 MFD....

will it die? are there people wich had this phone (04/21 batch) without problems for more than 3 months? searching around in forums seems that anyone sooner or later had the problem... so the phone is in the box and i don't know if i will return it or keep it... give me a little trust in this phone.


  • @Caffeinedesign , there's a very good chance you will get the ramdump error, it can happen at anytime. If I was you, I'd get a refund if you can, then maybe buy the phone again at a later date when they know what the issue is, and sorted it.

    If you can't get a refund, just make sure you regularly back up things that you want to keep, because once you get the ramdump error, you will lose everything.

  • I have a 04/2021 phone since 1.6.2021. so far so good. No Ramdump. My friend also got one at the same time I did, his phone is also still working fine. Both phones in use since June and mfd in 04/2021.

    As raimundas said, people who got it working don't come to Zentalk forums to complain.

    Set up automatic backup for what is important to you and Relax and enjoy your phone

  • I call bs on this post.

    There's also a good chance, that your car will have piston seizure.

  • OFC. I have 04/2021 phone since June and it is working fine. My friend got one at the same time as I did and it is working fine.

    People who have issues are very loud and people who have everything working don't even know Zentalk exists.

    Set up automatic backups of important data and relax and enjoy your phone

  • Same, ramdump isn't a huge huge thing, but the phone has other issues (overheating, poor battery life) that in my opinion will resolve with the android 12 update

  • On what data do you base the "very good chance"?

    Do you know the total number of failed phones?

    The total number of manufactured phones?

    The total number of phones in use?

    Stop spreading panic with statements like these, everyone is stressed enough with the situation in the world right now.

    My 04.2021 is working fine since ~21.05.2021

  • Compare hundreds of thousands units sold to a about 30 confirmed ramdump cases and You will get the answer. It's even less than per mille. The "problem" with ramdump on this forum is farly exaggerated.

    My unit is working well.

  • Ok having a Little trust that some no problems people are starting to appear 😅 i know that usually normal people without problems don't write on forums, but i hope to catch people Who were here for other reasons different from ramdump 😅

  • 04/2021 MFD - working fine since 20.05.2021.

  • Mine from 04/2021 batch has not died. Obviously, I had other issues that's why I'm here. To be honest, as of now, I would not recommend buying this phone until Asus comes clear about this ramdump thing. If it is something like famous LG bootloop issue it is great chance you will be impacted sooner or later and without Asus speaking out, there is no way to find out ourselves.

  • Mfd 04/21, in use since 05/21, no issues except overheating in miracast/screen mirroring mode

  • I came here because I wanted to know more about my phone's battery life. Came from xda and found out ramdump exists. Been lurking here so I learn more about it.

    I would recommend the phone if you want a compact powerhouse which will be able to receive lineage os

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