Android 12 beta 2 discussion

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I just installed the beta on my ZF8 and saw that there was no discussion thread about this on the forum.

I'd like to share with you my thoughts so far with the software, as it enabled a fully new experience for me with the phone, and most of the criticism I had before.

-Battery life and heating seems GREATLY improved. Even as I was installing all of my apps, the phone barely got warm and I lost like 15% in 2 hours. For daily use it doesn't get hot at all and I get almost twice the battery life I had before.

-Fingerprint scanner works 3-4 times faster than before. Almost instanteneous, really MUCH better than before. Life-changing.

-A few bugs I had have been fixed (lags when using Youtube's PiP for example).

Overall, this is a very solid improvement to the phone, and I'm very glad I installed it. Didn't really see any major bugs or stability problems, and I got all of the new Android 12 features as well.

The only thing I'd mention as a negative is all of the chinese bloatware that comes with the beta. That was unnecessary.

Even though I've had problems with Asus and a lot of people are complaining here, this time I wanted to congratulate the software team for this very good work that fixes most of the phone's issues.

Please let me know your experience with this beta if you've installed it.


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