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Zenfone 8 new issue with USB

Star I
Hi all,
I'm facing now a new issue with USB on my Zenfone.
Since a short while - I don't now exactly since when - my fone stopped connecting to different windows 10 machines. I checked different usb cables also to ensure that the cable is not the trouble maker.
The batterie still gets charged with the usb terminal.

Anyone else with this phenomen?
Any advice for a work around?
The usb settings are disabled when I've pluged in the cable:
May be this is simmilar to ?
Best regards,
Ulli from HH

Star I
Hi, after weeks of trying to understand why my car kept losing the Android Auto connection and wasn't able to get it back without unplugging (the phone thinks it's still linked), I found out that I have an issue with the USB port on my device.
Actually I understood what was happening by using the phone while it was charging, because the phone played the charging sound several times. Whatever the cable, moving slightly the USB-C connector (even pushing it) make me lose connection.
Maybe you're facing the same issue, you can try :
Plugging the phone to other devices that are not Windows (TV, set-top-box...) to exclude software issues
"Playing" with the connector while charging to see if it's playing the charging sound like mine
I have to submit a warranty claim, because I can't use Android Auto at all, as vibrations and turns keep unplugging the phone. 😕
Hope this will help you!