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Alright so I have figured out why the DTBO file is that large. Basicially what he's doing is stealing my work and half assing it to boot. He didnt compile it but installed my kernel and backed up the DTBO partition to make it work.

The display fix is my fix (old one), however its only 1 component out of 2 and an outdated DTBO as well. The DTBO he's using has been compiled by me on Android 10 .143 firmware. Both A11 and A10 DTBO's are identical he just renamed it. The problem with this fix is that it lowers the gammacurve to hide the colorbanding, it causes extreme crushed blacks, hence the 2nd part is needed, which is an app that dynamicly creates an overlay based on brightness and refreshrate to prevent the screen going into absolute darkness, color balance will not due as its static. The problem with this very old method is also that the max brightness is quite low and makes the phone unusable outside in the sun.

Do not install the DTBO file on Android 11 as it will eventually cause issues possibily even death of the phone. I have already compiled a proper DTBO version for A11 that is on my discord which I call "temporary solution".

Stealing work, sending out outdated DTBO's possibly destroying peoples phones and even putting their own name under it, quite the bold move "enterpc".


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    And now you understand why I don't want to go open source, because of exacly this, I mentioned it before but now I have living proof that what I said is 100% true. People stealing work and presenting it as their own while trying to make a profit is very common, hence people like me cannot be bothered. Hell based on this behaviour I don't even feeling like sharing the new kernel which people who got a sneak peak know is quite a game changer as some idiot will probably half ass it too and somehow try to sell it.

  • Where can normal users like me can find your kernel for A11 to get rid of black crush ???

  • Pls dont take it in other way !! There are always and always will be someone he might take advantage of someone work but for that if you aren't sharing your kernel to other users to help them. I mean it's kinda pointless too as you are neither sharing your kernel for normal users to share while always taking about black crush ( colour banding ) :/

  • Things are usually found on my discord, but I don't think there is any reason anymore to make my kernel available in any way shape or form for the public or even private for that matter, you can see where it leads don't you? As long cancerous people exist there is no real point in open source or even closed source with releases either as there are always going to be idiots out there that will steal work and try to make a profit, look at eggNS or DamonPS2, all stolen things because the source projects were available for the public. All thats left is to see how damaging the A10 dtbo that the guy spreads is going to be on A11 Rog phones.

    My A11 kernel will most likely only be shared by people I know and not by anyone who asks on my discord anymore. I haven't decided fully yet but I think that's where its going to go. A real shame since it did have quite some nice features and a brand new way of handling the panel.

  • Than brother kindly refrain from making any posts on black crush because normal users are already devasted by Asus pathetic turd services and than you are like giving hope and than again not releasing any. I am not a dev and i can understand what you mean but again i believe if you have something that fix and help others than you should. If you cannot than just ignore everything and dont ever mention anything on that as we all know Asus won't be doing anything on it and those who arent buying any new device are doomed with this issue anyway.

  • Just so you know, normally a proper compiled dtbo file is around 2mb, the other 22mb are private data from your phone. Just so you know what a dumbass you actually are.

  • You stole my work and claim you are the author you donkey, also it's a BACKUP you're spreading not the actual compiled DTBO file. You're not helping anyone, you're spreading an Android 10 backup DTBO file to Android 11 users helping them potentially destroying their phone. While it will work for a while it can easily destroy the phones you use it with. I know you're the author of that blog post and the telegram group, don't act dumb.

  • So you can steal it as well? I'd rather you just destroy your device at this point and then cry about what a dumbass you are.

  • You have money problems to the point where you lie to people and give them a backup of your phone with your hardware information on it while spreading it to people which have an Android version different for the file you're sending which means you're about to break some phones like the true amateur you are.

    Btw telegram has also been notified of the files and your channel and are currently investigating as well. So expect soon to be taken down as well, I'll be damned before I'll let you destroy other peoples phones and you gaining money from stealing other peoples work.

  • I have used this Russian guy's fix and as danish said "The problem with this fix is that it lowers the gammacurve to hide the colorbanding, it causes extreme crushed blacks, hence the 2nd part is needed, which is an app that dynamicly creates an overlay based on brightness and refreshrate to prevent the screen going into absolute darkness, color balance will not due as its static" and now I'm using the danishblunt's fix which confirms that he is telling the truth and this Russian guy has stolen danish old display fix and made it his own which doesn't even work properly since it's half assed stolen and there's also the concern that how damaging his fix could be for A11 since it was stolen form danish' old A10 black crush fix so don't flash it untill you know it's 100% safe which it is not.

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    @Danishblunt I warned you that this was going to happen. As I told you in another message, I never doubt your work, but talking so much about your kernel and not giving anything to users is going to lead to problems. People are tired of the situation, everyone is wanting solutions for the color bands, so it is not good for you to talk so much about your solution at all hours without contributing anything, since people will get tired and they will take you by a talker who only boasts something that no one can see and taste. As I told you the other time, it is not my intention to offend or harm you, it is my opinion. My advice is that if you can't publish it at the moment, don't talk about it so much because people will get bored with you and will try to find solutions on their own, like the Russian person.

  • Quite wrong. This happened because it was public for everyone to download, not the other way around.

    So now people download a backup from another phone potentially damaging the phones while also only having half of the old fix i made which results in super dark display with imense black crush because the dumbass russian who pretends he wants to help someone couldnt find a way to remove my name from the 2nd part. He has 0 intentions to help anyone, he just wants profit. Otherwise he would have given proper credit and provided the 2nd part of the fix.

    The russian community will eventually find out that something is missing and figure out that the guy is a fraud anyways, its only a matter of time.

  • To the guy who blame danish who doesn't publish his kernel to public, you may not familiar with android development scene. If you been in XDA for quite sometimes, you will know what I mean.

  • I visit often in the XDA forum and there, there are thousands of kernels published, that's why I don't know what difference there is between the Danish kernel and other kernels. Anyway, I want to clarify, I don't blame the Danish, I just try to give my opinion and say what I think. I'm not the one to tell Danishblunt what to do. He is free to do, say and publish whatever he wants.

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