Bootloader unlock, ramdump, and warranty coverage

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In following the threads, it seems that there has been some varying experiences regarding ASUS warranty and the ramdump issue. Many users have reported a ramdump without unlocking their bootloader and rooting their phone, and they have been directed to the closest ASUS repair center as part of their warranty coverage.

Other uses report having unlocked their bootloader, getting the ramdump error, and then being told that because the bootloader was unlocked, that this voids the warranty. Conversely, other users unlock their bootloader, get the ramdump error, and then have their phones fixed under the warranty.

In short, does unlocking the bootloader void ASUS's warranty coverage if a ramdump error occurs, which is a known error that is not dependent on bootloader status. A moderator reply would be helpful in sorting this out.

Much appreciated.



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