To high calls volume



  • Never ever going to buy Asus as my next phone. Terrible support.

  • Not sure what's worse. The teenager attitude of ignoring everyone once the problem is confirmed, or having interns "releasing" firmwares that are never released.

    So, which new phone are you guys getting on Black Friday?

  • Have anybody actually managed to have this high volume issue fixed?

  • No luck here.

    I'm still restarting the phone when I expect a long call.

    Usually the first call I do on Telegram after a restart does control the volume fine.

    If at least it could be working fine for a week or so... but no, one call only (if lucky).

  • I'm afraid the only "solution" I know is to use headphones.

    The better solution is to try to return your device and leave a bad review where you bought it; if you're lucky enough to have caught this in time.

    ASUS warranty agreement states that it covers software that related with the essential function of the device and thus they should be legally obliged to support this. I'm currently looking at legal alternatives; just want a refund at this point.

  • I would ask Asus when do they plan to push the 125 release that fixes this issue??

  • I can confirm, no ways to decrease call volume.

  • Still the same issue with 7 pro. Every voice call app i use has unresponsive volume control. Once it started to work again when my phone connected and disconnected to my car audio system via Bluetooth. But that is a one time thing. This bug is already many months old and i have lot's of work meetings via Teams so it's getting so frustrating. When do we get fix for it? Really seems like 7pro will be my last asus phone. Maybe Santa will bring new phone for Christmas (if so then it most definitely will not be asus)

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    wow, new update .138 is loading

  • Solved with update 138 for me.

  • The new update is suddenly missing for some of us!

  • It's because there is a bug with performance. The cpu clock suddenly locked at low speed. They mess it up last time a while back too.

  • I feel like my battery is draining so much faster too. Ugh!

  • 3 months since they said they'll provide the update...and after 3 months...they release it with a major bug....what can we say...

  • Seems to be fixed with the new update but oh my do I have to say: worst customer experience ever.

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