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Hello all,

Just purchased a Zenphone 7 a month ago, software version

I have an issue with Bluetooth and USB connection, android auto used to work on my old phone just plug in and connect with no issues, now with the Zenphone that's not possible, USB settings are grey-out so cannot switch to data transfer.

Bluetooth randomly cuts out when connected to car hands free or with the Bluetooth headphones. Audio just played through the bottom speaker and it stuck like that until I reset it.

When watching a YouTube video, it stops and audio it's back to playing just from the mono speaker.

I've tried it all, watched all the videos and read the forum posts, and even gave Asus technical team a try, one email a day from them for past 2 weeks.

The solution they offer is to send the phone back for it to be "fixed ", how will they solve a software issues not to sure?!

And to add some more issues just want to mention, sometimes no audio when recording a video, when I get a phone call it's coming up as unknown number even though caller confirms they have not changed their settings etc.

What are my options, anyone ever had this issue or similar?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


  • Update

    After another reset still same problem with audio , the way to connect to usb is with developer settings.

    Can someone for Asus reply with a solution , or just sell it ?

  • See attached Bluetooth settings when connected to device

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    It doesn't sound like a software issue. If your Bluetooth is cutting out/ disconnecting it sounds like a radio problem, I had a pixel 5 that did exactly what your explaining so I sent it back got a refund and sold it

    Once bitten twice shy , and all that. Send it back it's not right

    PS if you sell it the way it is you have to live with yourself knowing that you have passed on a dodgy phone , not a nice thing to do to your brothers and sisters

  • For bluetooth issues maybe you could try this reset:

    Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

    For cable issues change the cable...I had those as well , I could not connect to the device with 2 cables but a 3rd worked fine...

  • It's not that , I use multiple cable including the Asus cable , I had to manually set what the phone will do when connected to usb form developer settings , I found it online Asus had no idea how to advise this :))

  • Hi

    I cannot sell the phone like that , I purchased it form Asus store UK , surprise surprise the store and customer service are 2 completely different companies so t&c apply.

    I didn't want to give up on it and wanted to fix the bug and use it , interesting issue as when I'm using Google home and connect to device in my network it scrambled Google as well :)) .

    It makes more sense what you are thinking , that's a problem with the Bluetooth chip , never expected a phone in 2021 to chrash like my one did in 3 weeks.

    I've spent to much time on it and I need a solid device so I give up and agreed to send it back , was considering getting the 8 flip , better processor mb more stable software and hardware but didn't want to go through this in 6 months .

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