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We can think of buying asus laptops and PC's but never recomend an asus phone especially an rog to your to your close ones and friends

My phone is dying even after MB replacement

Ever other guy is facing this situation and Asus is trying to cover up their mess by deviating us to A11 so that their next generation sales won't get affexted

If you think I am being over exaggerated

Just look in their rog 5 forums

That phone has hardware issues and we all know about black crush in rog 3 and red tint of rog 2 and it's restarts

The service center Messed up my RGB logo ,my air triggers they didn't even fix the restarts and now my phone is indicating high usb temps warning while charging

Their after sales service and software is the worst I have ever seen

Our rog's hardware has many flaws

And they are trying cover all that up by deviating us to A11 rather than fixing the hardware

A11 for rog 2 is nothing but buisness strategy to attract users to recommend asus phones for themselves and also to others

I repeat never go for asus phones again

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  • Well that's your opinion

    There are many of us who never had an issue with Rog phones

    Zentalk communities reflect like a couple hundred users and most come here for help regarding stuff,the number of issues when compared to the thousands or hundred of thousand phones they sell is very less

    2 android version upgrades on a gaming phone is a welcome addition,so far Asus has been updating Rog 2 every 2 months with patches and bug fixes

    Can't get this on other gaming phones

    Gotta say I'm happy by this decision

    Looking forward to the Rog 6

  • What does a software update have to do with you having hardware issues?

    Preordered my ROG2 when they were announced and it's still working great. The only thing I hate that they removed was the glitch to double a games frame rate.

    Also, every one person having an issue on these forums is like 10,000 others having no issue. So welcome to the forums. The place literally designed for people to report issues. It's not "everyone".

  • Not really, considering the chip shortage hence low amount of produced phones and seeing hardware problems beeing reported on release it's not an opinion, but actual fact. The early Rog5's have faulty SoC chip inside them which also pleaged the early xiaomi mi 11 phones, that combined with the dying storage on the rog5 and Zenfone 8 (look for ramdump error) makes it pretty obvious that there are some serious problems with the ZF8 and Rog5.

    So far the Rog3 remains to be the only rog phone that does not have hardware problems. The rog1 is literally falling apart, Rog2 has dying PM8150 chip, Rog5 has all sorts of problems, dying storage, dying wifi on early models, dying PM8150 chip only more extreme than the Rog2.

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