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Ww_phone-17.0240. 21700.100 battery drain

12/512gb elite edition global rog phone 2. Not rooted never has been. Nor has bootloader ever been unlocked. Stock as stock can be. Anyway I noticed with the latest update ( Ww_phone-17.0240. 21700.100) I'm not getting good battery life. At all. 6 ho...

power button issue after service center repair

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name:asus rog phone 2I have given my phone for repair in asus service center for replacement of motherboard and back panel. After 1.5 month my power button is loose. Due to this my ph...

Facebook messenger app is crashing

Facebook messenger app started crashing suddenly yesterday , tried rebooting and installing old versions, nothing worked, anyone has any idea?

Cannot upgrade firmware

ROG phone 2Firmware Version: WW_16.0631.1910.35_0Rooted or not: NoRecently replace motherboard. Used firmware from ROG phone 2 website, tried every WW version from android 9 oldest available to latest available. Whenever restart and prompted to updat...

yzlisme by Star II
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Solution for Rog 2 shutting down while charging

Asus ROG 2 shutting down while charging is widespread issue right now which company hasn't been able to fix till now. The phone switches off while charging; more specifically, when system temperature reaches 38-40 degree celcius (according to armoury...

Sris by Star II
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Random restarts

I'm on Android 10 latest software. Up to date.I have formatted several times will my Rog 2 8gb model restarts often. I have network problem too. When I call someone it drops immediately. Once I restart then call connects.

Network problem when playing online games

Hi guys, im using rog phone 2(ZS660KL) i have been having this problem for quite long time but I cant take it anymore after all i have tried yesterday. When playing online games using mobile data, the network always gone and back to normal after a f...

R-link 2 Bluetooth problems

Hello im haveing problems coneccting my rog 2 phone to r-link 2 car radio its renault talisman 2016.Problem is i can connect and after 2-3 sec i get disconected and its keeps conecting and disconnecting like infinite loop.My friend owns xiaomi phone ...

suljo by Star I
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