Scheduled charging and steady charging not working as expected

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  1. Model Name: Asus Rog 5 Ultimate
  2. Firmware Version: WW18.0840.2106.86
  3. Rooted or not: rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: every time

When I try to use scheduled charging or steady charging it does not work as expected. As soon as I plug my device, hypercharge is on and after 30/40 minutes my device is fully loaded. No matter when, no matter in what conditions.

I thought steady charge would slow the charging speed and planned charge would plan when the device is actually charged but no matter what I try and what settings I use it always displays "steady charge" and "scheduled charge" via notifications but the hypercharge icon appears.

Did I miss anything?

It's basically the same as this one



  • @ZT-6ba223c6 Do you get the notifications for steady charging and scheduled charging when you connect your device to the charger?

    Scheduled charging does not mean that your device will only charge during the set time period. Rather, it will dynamically charge the battery to avoid it staying at 100% for several hours. This is mainly a feature intended for charging your device overnight.

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    Thank you for your answer. Yes - as said, I receive both notifications. When I set it to scheduled charge it remains on full charge 90% of time since it's fully loaded very fast

    Edit: just as prove - it is indeed on hypercharge it would not charge 20% within 9 minutes

  • @ZT-6ba223c6 Try clearing the cache of the PowerMaster app and reboot your device, then try again.

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    @Gustav_ASUS thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that doesn't work. I Cleared everything and restarted but I still see the very same results. Just charged my phone from 20% to 90% within just a bit more than 30 minutes while ultra steady charging was active.

    Can someone else even confirm that it works?

  • Some more Screenshots to prove it's not just like in this post

  • Schedule charging doesn't work right now

    It happen since the first time this phone released

    They must fix this ASAP

    Useless feature they have but it's not working properly

  • @Lord_Messi so that means steady charge is working for you but only scheduled charge doesn't?

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    You're right, regular slow charging is the same as fast charging; it does not work with firmware 151. With the ASUS 65W charger, the charging time is identical with both configurations.

    On the battery there are two other points which are not great, the first can be corrected by a future firmware, the second is the quality.

    1) in 7h night, without use, AOD activated, airplane mode, the battery lost 15%. So he never sleeps.

    At night, it still loses 0% in 7 hours with AOD disabled, airplane mode

    2) The battery is not of top quality or the charger is too aggressive, unfortunately this is the compromise with users who want everything, right now and current technology.

    From 07/16/2021 to 08/28/2021 the battery lost 670 mAh (or the capacity is far from the 6000 mAh announced). Fast charge has only been used 5 or 6 times.

    Starting from 0% at 3 p.m., device OFF, with a device to measure between a standard charger and the rog 5, here are the results.

    2000 - 42%, 2500 -52%, 3000 - 62%, 4000 -82%

    5078 mAh 100% (green led) 17:10

    5330 mAh 100% real (request for power from the rog to the charger at 0) 17:40

    Of course in outdoor games this is confirmed, I lost about 1 hour, 1 hour 15 minutes following the 4g signal

    Fortunately 60% of the time I use the bypass

    Asus, review the quality of the battery or resent your copy of fast charge, or that of the charger

    Note: erreur Not 15h 0% , 13h

  • I forgot an important point, there is no low battery warning, nor automatic switch to maximum power saving.

    In games, started at 25% charge, the phone turns off at 0%

  • @Gustav_ASUS is this a known issue? Many people seem to have this problem. I guess this won't be fixed if it lasts for so long.

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    @ZT-6ba223c6 @FunBike31 Do you have a USB-C power meter that you can monitor voltage & current with? Apps like AccuBattery, while popular, tend to give weird results.

    I just tested my ROG Phone 5 running the .151 firmware using both a 30W charger and the stock 65W charger. Steady charging (and ultra steady) works as expected for both chargers.

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    You should get a notification asking you if you want to switch system mode when your battery drops below a certain level.

    You can also set your device to automatically switch to Ultra durable mode when your device dips below 3-20% battery. (Settings -> Battery -> Battery Management -> Low battery power-saving)

    If you do not receive any warning when playing games it might be because you have enabled the 'block notifications' setting in Game Genie. It's also possible that your current scenario profile forces a certain system mode.

  • Poderia fazer o teste eu carregador para ver se os dois módulos de bateria estão funcionando???

    Na calculadora stock use esse código ",12345+"

  • @marcelomes44 Please keep your posts in English so other users can join the discussion.

    SMMI test will not show the same results as a power meter would (just checked). You should however be able to see a clear difference in the current reported by SMMI when you switch steady charging on/off.

  • thanks for taking the time to respond

    Yes of course, I do not install applications that are of no use to me and those more technical / useful require root access, I will consider that in 23 months :), for now the debug options and the logs me suffices in case of need.

    I am actually using a power meter with USB-C, usb, and micro usb ports.

    It gives me the same values ​​by switching between normal and constant load (slow), without and with reboot for diag a problem of dynamic taking into account. The rog battery display also indicates the same time (34min from 50 to 100%)

    I programmed Low battery power-saving at 5% and from 2h to 7h

    The battery icon and / or the top band changes color well, it goes well in ultra durable. (no games or non full screen games)

    The notification is displayed when a non-games application is used

    In full screen games, no notification, in Game Genie, locked brightness, fps rate and real time info are used.

    All the others are not used (except bypass if I use the charger)

  • My question is if I test shows each battery module individually, since there are two modules

  • could you show me a screenshot of your test please?

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    Could you please explain what "works as expected" means exactly?

    Just as a demonstration (no exact measured results with a proper timer, could be +/- 5 minutes)

    Normal charging takes 30 minutes

    Slow charging takes 30 minutes

    Ultra slow takes 30 minutes as well

    Using the charger of my old phone takes 1.5 hours.

    I cannot measure voltage or anything like that but I can measure the time it takes to fully load the phone. And it seems to me ultra slow should actually take the same amount of time like using my old 18w charger shouldn't it? But the difference in time is significant. Maybe I miss something tho and still didn't get the functionality...

    As for scheduled charging: my phone is always full after a very short amount of time and then keeps 100% for the rest of the 7h hours.

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