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Just got my Zenfone 8 Flip in the mail today, It definitely seems like a great phone so far.

However, I'm having some big issues with my carrier, AT&T. I went to my local retail AT&T location for them to get me a new sim and set up my phone number with the new IMEI and new sim.

On their end, everything is good. Everywhere I look, the Flip version is supposed to support AT&T's network bands.

I can make calls, send texts, all that. But I cannot access mobile data at all. Even tried a second brand new sim. For fun, I even swapped the sim into my Asus Zenfone 6 (my old phone), and it no longer has mobile data either....

At this point I've called tech support and I've got a ticket in. I'll give them the 24-48 hour window before I make the decision to return the Flip.

I see no reason the Flip shouldn't work. My plan doesn't have 5G, so that's not a huge deal. But I would need it to continue to work after AT&T's 3G sundown in Feb 2022. But if I must, I still have until the 14th of Sept to return the Flip and I'll have to consider other options. The lack of an sd slot in the non-flip 8 is not idea at all.

Edit: According to T-Mobile my Flip's IMEI is 5G and VOLTE compatible, so if AT&T doesn't work I may switch carriers.


  • Hi @eastman51,

    Please double check your APN settings, you can find this online or just contacting your carrier.

    Settings-> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Access Point Names

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    If you are in the US. Just be aware that VoLTE may not work on T-Mobile because the 8 Flip isn't sell officially and so it's not certified.

    The only option is to return the unit and buy something else that sell there officially like Zenfone 8 or Rog Phone 5

    One guy had 8 Flip before and then sold it because of no VoLTE on T-Mobile

  • I verified my APN settings against AT&T and they are good.

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    I don't specifically need VOLTE functionality. Especially seeing as I don't really make many phone calls. The important thing is that the phone at least supports HD Voice and 5G, and of course continues to work without 3G.

    The Zenfone 8 is an option, but the smaller screen and camera cutout are not things I'm particularly keen on. I love Asus' Flip models because of the distinct lack of a front camera I have never ever used.

  • Depending on what comes of AT&T, I will call Metro/T-Mobile and see what they actually say over the phone. From my understanding, what works and what doesn't is almost entirely carrier-side.

    I should also point out my Zenfone 6 worked perfect on AT&T despite not being certified.

  • If both your Z 6 and Z 8 don't have mobile data working it has to be either the Sim card or the Telco . That seems like the only reason

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    Yes. I'm waiting to see if the ticket I had submitted over the tech support line resolves the issue.

    If not, I'll consider calling t-mobile and returning the phone for a normal Zenfone 8. However, I cannot seem to find any "US Version" Zenfone 8s, only "International" or "Global"

    I another thing to try, is return to the retail store and see if they can get the Zenfone 6 working again, then try the Zenfone 8 Flip one more time before calling it quits.

  • Well, nothing really came of their support tickets.

    I visited the retail store again, and technically got it working. We tied the sim to the imei of a Galaxy S10e I got for free from somewhere, and that worked great. I tried swapping the sim into the Flip, and while I did get data connectivity back, it looked like it was only pulling 3G. Chances are it would stop working come Feb when AT&T's 3G network is shut down.

    Theoretically it would work on Metro/T-Mobile, but at this point its not worth my time. I'll look for other options, and maybe AT&T adds better support for the non-Flip Zenfone 8 over the coming weeks.

    PS, I hate Samsung's Android UI. ZenUI is leagues better.

  • Have you considered axing at&t and try a different Telco?

  • PS I don't have a zenfone 8 flip but I do have a zenfone 7 but as both run on A11 and zen UI 8 I am wondering if your problem is similar to a bug I have had recently. Sometimes if I turn of mobile data via the toggle then turn it on again from the pull down drape it won't actually have access to mobile data even though it says that it's on so I have to go back to the toggle, under settings, and turn it off and on again and it works.

    A long shot I know but I thought I would throw it out there,stranger things have happened

    Good luck it really sucks when you get a brand new phone, especially when it's a brand new model,and it doesn't work properly so I feel for you brother. Don't give up until they get it To 100% perfect

  • I was thinking about it, but I don't think switching providers is worth my time right now.

    I rebooted the phone and turned mobile data off and on many many times.

  • I have purchased 2 Zenfone 8s. One has the IMEI confused with a "Free" samsung that AT&T sent me thinking the Zenfone wasn't 4g/5g capable. That one has voLTE working. The other, they will not make work. It's definitely certification white-listing issues; I'm so pissed off at both ASUS and AT&T - - I bought these phones when they first came out (May 28,2021) and didn't know of any issue until mid-July when AT&T said that my phones weren't 5G compatible. What a crock. ASUS will not refund because I'm outside 30days, and AT&T will not help. I'm continually bothering both company's customer service, and will continue to do so until something changes.

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