Fans get stuck at High RPM

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  1. System: Windows 10 home
  2. Battery or AC: AC, so far
  3. Model: GA503QM
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Upon wake from sleep and during heavy usage
  5. Reset OS: Started after factory reset


Detailed description: The fans on my new laptop were stuck at ~5400RPM (Both GPU and CPU, according to armory crate) after it was factory reset by the seller before purchase. It stayed this way the entire way through the setup process and remained after it was complete. I restarted the PC after setup to no avail. I updated everything I could find in MYAsus, Armory Crate and Windows Update. This included a bios update and updates to many drivers. After this it still persisted. I gave up and shut the PC down. After rebooting the PC the fans were operating normally. This was fine until I installed and started a game on the PC, after a while in the game the fans again went back to ~5400RPM and remained for hours after all applications had been closed and temperatures were low again. This same behavior, I have now discovered occurs after restoring from sleep as well. The only way to resolve this behavior is to "Shutdown" the PC and start it again, "Restart" does not help. I have looked in armory crate and MYAsus for settings. MYAsus points me to armory crate. In Armory Crate the profiles work well so long as the fans haven't gone into overdrive and the fans adjust accordingly. Even the max speed setting turbo has only reached 4200RPM fan speed for me so far. Once the fans take off to ~5400RPM the laptop stops responding to any profile changes in Armory crate. I have opened the UEFI to check for settings there but have not found any fan related settings available.

I have noticed online several other Asus laptops have this issue or something like it, even on this forum.

Most fixes suggest 3rd party fan control software to override whatever software is going rogue with the fan speed. Which I can do, but I feel like this should not be necessary just to control fans on a new laptop. Others suggest opening the laptop and reseating cables, which I am comfortable doing but would like to know about any warranty implications before doing so?

I am prepared to take it back to the seller but they have no more boxed new PC's. From what I can tell from reading online this issue seems to be triggered after the first factory reset or after a bios update. So I will either be given a floor model (which will get factory reset) with the same issue. Or they will send it for repair, where all they will likely do is preform a factory reset shut it down and reboot and call the issue fixed only for it to reoccur as soon as I get it back. I have been down this route before and it is long and arduous and I would like to see if there is a possible software fix before I do this?


  • Hi there,

    Can you provide a video of the issue?

    The video should include which mode, the fan RPM, CPU and GPU status, and what app or program is running.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi Blake,

    I have attached a video of Armory crate while its happening.

    The screen turned off while I went to the kitchen for 10 min and within 10 seconds of waking up it started.

    I have a browser with 10 tabs open, including a couple YT videos and I opened armory crate after it started that's it.

    I apologize, I thought it was ~5400RPM, seems its actually 6400RPM as you see in the video.

  • Hi there,

    was the lid close when you leave the device?

    In the video, looks like the Armoury Crate is stuck, because the CPU status or others would change when you switch mode.

    Would you mind to enter BIOS, and load default setting again.

    And also enter safe mode to see if similar situation happen?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Lid was left open when this occurred. I not sure if the PC goes to sleep when I close the lid as the screen comes up almost instantly when I open it again. I've taken to putting the computer to sleep before I close the lid as the setting in power options to choose what closing the lid does doesn't show up or no longer exists.

    Once it starts it doesn't seem to matter what happens in armory crate. I'd say some other process has completely taken over control.

    I'll see if I have some free time to start the PC in safe mode and run it for a bit. Usually when I'm on the computer because I have to use it and safe mode makes several things difficult. Additionally it's not guaranteed to happen and the trigger is just becoming more elusive. Yesterday it was sitting on the desk with the screen off possibly sleeping as I hadn't used it in at least 15 min and the fans just kicked off at full tilt as I watched it from across the room.

    After this happened I shutdown and loaded the UEFI/bios to default, had a look after and I couldn't see any any settings that had changed. I'm now waiting to see if this has any impact.

  • Hi there,

    Thank you so much for the information.

    I will consult more about this.

    And please share if there is anything new.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Yesterday, I woke up to the fans on my PC. At some point during the night the PC ramped up the fans to 6400RPM and it remained there until I awoke to the sound in the morning.

    The computer had been put to sleep and the lid had been closed the night before.

    So either the PC woke from sleep and started the fans or this happened while the computer was asleep.

    We can now also conclude that the bios reset did not help.

  • Hi there,

    Was the device hot at the moment?

    If so, can you try to set the device to hibernate mode instead of sleep mode,

    and see if the similar issue happen?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    The device is not typically hot when this occurs as you can see in the video I sent a while back.

    Hibernate is disabled and the easiest way to get it to hibernate is to set a hibernation delay in the power options. I can set it up, and leave it to hibernate overnight. But I don't really see much reason to, I can basically already guarantee you that it won't happen in hibernation. Hibernation is the same power state as shutdown, except that the contents of the RAM is saved to the disk (see Wikipedia "Hibernation (computing)"). And so far, thankfully, I haven't had the PC start the fans when it is powered off.

    I have a feeling that when I put the computer to "sleep" it is going into hybrid sleep as it instantaneously resumes.

    I'd like to determine if this is a hardware issue (so I can work on getting a replacement), a firmware/driver issue (so that we might be able to get a patch since it seems to be affecting many people), or a software issue I can potentially fix myself.

  • I'm sorry that it's a bit hard to identify whether it is hardware or software.

    There is a diagnostic tool in MyASUS. Please run the tool.

    If there is no error message show, then it is more likely to be software.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I've run this tool before and I've run it again now, both times it has come back saying "No Problem Found".

    When you say it is likely software related, this issue started the very first moment I turned on the PC after a complete factory reset. In which case this is an issue with the preloaded PC software. I have uninstalled a few pieces of what I considered bloatware since then. Much of the remaining software looks far too integrated in the system and I have suspicions that some PC functionality will be crippled if I try to uninstall them. 

    I can try removing each piece of preinstalled software to see if the problem disappears? However I have encountered issues in the past when removing vendor Bloatware. On an old Toshiba laptop I was working on, proprietary vendor drivers were uninstalled when certain seemingly unrelated and unnecessary programs were removed. 

    My top suspect would be Armory Crate. However I have seen several posts where removing Armory Crate, makes certain features stop working. For example: and as seen above reinstalling doesn't undo the damage. Additionally it is integrated into the BIOS/UEFI, further deepening my suspicion that this will cause me headaches if I attempt to remove it.

    My other suspect would be MyASUS, AFAIK it controls the fans on some other ASUS laptops. However it seems like on my laptop Armory Crate has been given control over the fans instead.

    If it could be software related do you have a suggestions on what I can try to remove/reinstall?

    As an addendum, I am noticing a pattern. The issue seems to only happen once in a 24H period. First time I boot up the PC every day within the first 2-3 min it will spin up the fans. So then every day I shut it down and turn it back on again. After which the problem does not return till the next day. So there seems to be some schedule that this operates according to.

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