Phone randomly restarting again even after I C replacement

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It's Been 2 months since I've got my MB replaced ,during that replacement the service center guy did something with RGB light as I couldn't get it on again for which I need visit the service center ,Now after since the last 10 days ,my phone it's retarting randonly again for once in every 6 to 7 hours and even while playing battlegrounds Mobile India fps going down to even 18 frames and phone is becoming so hot that I cannot even hold it ,temps are ranging from 48 to 49 even in cool climate

To be frank I feel this phone isn't built to handle the usage of a gamer

Coming to the speakers there is so much distortion in the speakers and sound from them has gone down pretty bad

Now what should I do for my restarts and RGB not turning on ,any help

I have been facing many restarts from the last week

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