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Rog Phone 2 dead

Star I

Hi there,

I have a Rog Phone 2 - ZS660KL (12gb RAM version - S/N: K8AIKN07R083LLX ) that over the last month started freezing and restarting. One day it froze and since, the phone it's completely dead. It does not respond to any power up +- volume key combinations, nor when connected to power wall or pc. I have asked lots of local phone repair stores but they are not aware how to fix it. Reading different threads, I'm inclined to think that the motherboard /cpu might be the issue.

Does anyone have any rought idea how much a motherboard replacement will cost (in UK)? I pretty much need to know if it's less or more than £250.

Thanks in advance.



Hello @stefan_8116 


Please reach out to ASUS technical support where they can guide you to find the nearest service location:



  • Service Time : Mon- Fri 09:00- 17:00 ( charged at 5pm from a BT Line )
  • Telephone
  • 01442 265548
  • For customers from Ireland, please dial +353-12678888


Or contact them by mail. Thank you!


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Community Manager
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