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    Serious question did you try doing a factory reset and treating the phone as brand new.

    I've currently had Asus contact me more and sent details from a thing log to them so they can check it

  • I haven't done a factory reset.

    Let us know if you do it and if it helps

  • Any success with your ASUS and Optus?

    I'm considering returning mine to JB Hi-Fi for a refund. I'm not getting anywhere with ASUS support (except them suggesting to send it away for warranty repair)

  • I just did a complete factory reset and started again from scratch

    Still no-go with MMS messaging with Optus SIMs

    I even tried with 2 different Optus SIMs (I wanted to try one with 5G capable/enabled), still can;t send or rec MMS messages

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    Can you please report to this also to the developer as well and show them this isn't just one case please

  • I just received an e-mail from ASUS Service Australia Support :

    "Thank you for your patience and please refer to this update on this issue with MMS.

    According to the ASUS HQ, there will be a firmware update to rectify the issue. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on the firmware release, but will keep updated once more information available in this regard."

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    The current firmware that just went out didn't fix it so I'm guessing in the next one that comes out

  • Any further news or updates

  • I have the same problem i Sweden with Telenor operator, same thing:

    Tried settings (APT etc)

    Got new sim from operator

    Works great with both sim in samsung and iphone...

    Still just doesn not work, it is really not good because often my customers contact me with pictures in MMS and i cant recive them anf ti feels unprofessional to have to change to my old phone to get them out...

    This and my problem with GPS fix have me going back to iPhone, but i like the ASUS ROG phones have had them all but this takes to much of my time....

    (ROG 5)

  • FYI: I took my ROG 5 back to JB HiFi for a full refund

  • How long after purchase did you do that? Did you have to jump through any hoops? Contemplating doing the same if it's easy enough.

  • 2 or 3 weeks. The store wanted to see the issue for when they send back to ASUS as 'faulty'.

    So I showed them MMS not sending or receiving.... then; no problem, refund given

  • The new update from Zenfone 8 fixed MMS issue so Rog 5 should be the next firmware update soon hopefully.

  • I am with Optus / ROG 5 ( from JB), the same issue, and spend lots of time try to fix it. I bring back for refund. This is not good. Unless someone know when this can be fix.

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    I have the exact same problem in Sweden and using Telenor as operator aswell. Had the problem with rog phone 3 and now rog phone 5 too. Hope they can solve it soon. Its not the APN settings and nothing wrong from the operators side.

  • I refunded the phone. Glad I did after reading about all the other issues in 151.

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