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Hello, I recently purchased a zenfone 8 and I am loving it, especially the fact that it has a headphone jack (I dont buy phones without them). But the biggest disappointment is the lack of a clean audio output due to the built in Audio Wizard. I hope a software update will allow us to disable any audio post processing coming out of the headphone jack. Also the output of the headphone jack is a bit too low in comparison to my old oneplus 6. lastly and I dont know why this happens, spotify outputs at a lower volume than playing something from my local files. I dont think this is necessarily an issue with the phone or phones software itself but it might be because on my oneplus 6 this issue isnt there.

I hear that this forum is pretty responsive with the developers talking on here frequently so please address these issues. Thanks in advance



  • This is also the problem that I am having with my Zenphone's ringtone sound.

    Whether the remote control will help the machine solve this problem or not?

  • UPDATE: Spotify works okay now. Still want that clean output. And also please fix the issue where the phone screen turns on while it's in my pocket

  • There should definitely be an option to disable the AudioWizard.

  • Asus should just put snapdragon sound in order for us to get the maximum potential of the integrated dac in the snapdragon 888 soc. I mean my OnePlus 6 sounds louder but it doesn't have a dedicated DAC/amp

  • UPDATE 2: I used ADB to uninstall Audio Wizard and while I think I have clean output I'm not entirely sure. It certainly isn't any louder. ASUS Please enable high performance dac feature that is already present in the snapdragon 888 processor.

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    We are using the Snapdragon Aqstic DAC. There is no other DAC.

    DIrac tuning , if no headphones are chosen in Audio Wizard, is not doing anything to the 3.5mm output.

    The frequency response by default is flat for music:

    For the other issue of Spotify outputting a lower volume for "local files" I dont think is related to audiowizard , but are you able to create a separate thread for that so we distinguish between topics?


    (Edited the topic for this thread).

  • Thanks for the response. I already resolved the Spotify issue so there's no need for a different thread. It was the normalize volume levels option that was the culprit for that issue. I know there is no separate DAC you are using other than the default snapdragon one. But the default snapdragon one should output more volume than what it currently outputs. OnePlus 6 doesn't have a dedicated DAC but the sound coming from the jack is much louder at the same volume percentage. I can even drive my Sennheiser HD 6XX and AKG K702 without a problem on my OnePlus 6 but I can't do that with my Asus Zenfone 8. Could you please check if there's a software limitation for this or if this is a hardware issue? (which I doubt because OnePlus 6 doesn't have a dedicated DAC either) and if it is a software issue could you please fix it in the next software update.

    I'm glad to know that the music profile from Audio Wizard doesn't color the sound. But I have another question: since I uninstalled Audio Wizard is the output clean or is it colored by the default Dynamic profile that is turned on in Audio Wizard out of the box when you first use the phone?

    Also I have a suggestion for a future update and that is to set the default audio profile on Audio Wizard to be Music rather than Dynamic since the Music profile doesn't color the sound and if they want it they can always change it. Better to leave the default at no further processing than the other way around.

    Thanks in advance.

  • OK, so just to confirm: when no specific headphone model is selected and "Scenario effect" is set to Music, it does not alter the sound otuput?

    If this is the case, I agree with the previous poster, Music should be set as default, or there should at least be some kind of information about the different scenarios, because (as far as I know) there is no information about the AudioWizard to be found either in the manual that comes with the phone or on the offiial support page.

  • Dynamic is an auto switching profile, where it will go to music or game for example (when detecting games).

    Dynamic + Spotify = Music.

    As for the level output, generally we adhere to the regulations where available on maximum output voltages - I cannot comment for what Oneplus 6 does or does not do - but we'll check with our devs

  • That's all I ask. Thank you for the prompt response and I hope at least you set the music profile to default. Also if you could please ask the Dev's which profile is set if I uninstall Audio Wizard using adb, that would be fantastic. I truly appreciate the fact that your forums are pretty responsive and that makes me feel reassured as a buyer.

  • Dynamic will be the default profile - as it the auto switching one.

    For those users who are specifically after a 3.5mm flat performance - always - there is music for that.

    As for which profile will be set on adb uninstall.. we can ask, but I dont think this is a priority answer for them so might not be fast.

  • Are there any updates?

  • To whom it may concern,

    I've recently purchased a Zenfone 8 directly from Asus's US store.

    Overall I am thrilled with the phone's features, performance and very compact size.

    However, after a quick check in the Sound & Vibration settings, I found the 'AudioWizard' feature and determined that was a feature that I did not require.

    Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an option to disable the AudioWizard app and there is also no 'Bypass' or 'Disable' option in the 'Scenario Effect' mode choices.

    Dirac is apparently known for their 3D spatializing technology, but bluntly, that is something that I have no interest in using.

    So, I find myself being very frustrated by the fact that there seems to be no way to bypass the Dirac signal processing modes. 

    It is good to know the 'Music' mode leaves the EQ flat, but how do I verify that there is absolutely no sound enhancement, 3D spacializing or any other digital signal processing being applied to the audio 'signal'?

    Beyond that, I am compelled to ask some additional questions:

    1. Is the AudioWizard configuring a hardware DSP ( audio chipset ) or a software DSP? ( Assuming it is hardware )
    2. What are the 4 Scenario Effect modes actually doing to the audio? ( Dynamic has been explained a bit here, but not the others: Music, Cinema and Game )
    3. Why does the AudioWizard ( com.asus.audiowizard ) consume network data? Is it fingerprinting the audio being processed by the Dirac DSP?
    4. Does the AudioWizard/ Dirac DSP process phone call audio too?
    5. If the network data the app consumes is not just basic app telemetry, what other data does it send and where does it go?

    I am hopeful to maintain a constructive and open dialog with Asus/ Dirac that will lead to the simple improvement of their app that would give us, end users, the choice to completely disable all Dirac audio processing.

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