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I know everyone wants to build their own software but if you could just make option to OPT out from asus and install PURE google OS instead i would be so happy

You can add few tweaks but please stop doing

Asus calculator

Asus phone

Asus Gallery


No one likes those if i buy android i want android not asnoid... Next phone will be asus aswell IF you manage to do ANDROID phones not asnoids.

Ps. Took me about 5 hours to change everything into google software and still cannot remove few things like your: Weather application, Clock application, Contacts application by asus etc.

Please please please i know how cool it must be for you when you can write your name everywhere but if you just could give me option to run ANDROID without rooting my phone i would be so happy

Just add option

Buy Asus zenfone 8 with Asnoid


Buy Asus zenfone 8 with Android

You will be surprised how much sales will increase

I used to buy motorolas but they dont make good phones anymore so i was forced to buy yours :X


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    And why?

    For example:


    Google Phone app DOES have SPAM protection

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    Google Phone app works - find in Play Store, download and use.

  • I agree, and I love original android ui, too.


    But, so far as I know, Asus combine some functions with their apps.

    For example, you can record phone call by using asus phone app.

    You couldn't record phone call by using google phone app.

    Another example is calculator app.

    If you typed .12345+= in calculator, it would trigger smmi test.

    I think asus still can fulfill those functions in alternative ways, because most of users don't care about it.


    There ones have a plan called "android one". Nokia HMD was the biggest partner supported the plan.

    That's a plan mean to giving users smooth ux by original android ui.

    But, due to users complaining lack of customize, Nokia want to develop their apps, eco system and quit android one.


    In conclusion, most company was forced to develop their apps because most user liked it.

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