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System: ASUS M509DA-EJ025T

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Detailed description:Hi, I want to do a Fresh Start on this Asus laptop to remove all the preinstalled stuff. Is it safe to use the Fresh Start function in Windows 10? Will it cause problems with the custom Asus things like partitions etc?



  • If you reinstalled windows 10 by microsoft iso file , in this case preninstalled applications by asus will not be available.

    Also when your laptop comes pre-installed windows 10 by Asus side , Asus included device drivers in C drive partition or in D partition.

    If fresh restart means , some device drivers may not be available in asus support site.

    Also windows recovery or Asus factory feature may not work properly.

  • Thank you. So I understand that apart from the drivers and recovery, it should not give any problem for actually using the PC.

    I have seen that many drivers are updated through Windows Update, will it happen even after a Fresh Start?

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    after every fresh install, windows will update automatically all device drivers without your knowledge and including windows cumulative features and security updates.

    But as per my knowledge every OEM laptop manufacturer will customize windows 10 OS their laptop model which respective device drivers, include OEM applications , tweaked battery power optimizations

    If you don't bother about asus customized windows Os, then you can format C partition and install genuine windows 10 OS 21h1

    I posted direct downloading links of windows 10 OS in my post.

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