Does the ZenFone 8 support the Android Streaming for Hearing Aid (ASHA)

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Is it possible to stream audio directly to Bluetooth enabled hearing aids from the Zenfone 8. Google added the functionality in Android 10, but it has to been enabled by the manufacture. I do like the specs of Zenfone 8 but if ASHA isn't available it will be a deal breaker for me.

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    I found out that Zenfone 6 supports Interton Sound app so most probably Zenfone 8 should also support hearing aids with help of apps

    Here is the link below👇

    As this article is very old they do not have updated list of supported smartphones. But i am pretty sure Zenfone 8 will support.

    Ohh i saw although you are asking specifically for ASHA so i am bit of 50-50 % sure here. Lets wait for Mods response on this.


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    Thanks for your answer AmitGarde, what I am interested in knowing is if Zenfone 8 supports what Interton calls Direct Android Streaming Devices, I know that the Sony's Xperia 1 ii and 5 ii had the functionality added with their update to Android 11.

  • It is hard for me to comment on this until i test it and i dont have it with me. So for now what i see is their direct streaming devices list does not include Asus devices. So i think Moderators will have to answer this for you after confirming it from there internal official authorities. @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS


  • Hi there.

    I just got this answer from ASUS support:

    Thank you for contacting the ASUS Support.

    Unfortunately, the SKU sold in EU does not support ASHA, so the Zenfone 8 Pro does not support this for now.

    This may come at a later stage, but we have currently no information on when.

  • Hi

    No, that answer is not correct - sorry for the confusion. I believe it stems from a misunderstanding between HAC and ASHA.

    Zenfone 8 has implemented the Android ASHA protocol.

    I'll mark this question as answered - thanks!

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